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5 Factors That Influence Job Satisfaction

5 Factors That Influence Job Satisfaction
Factors That Influence Job Satisfaction
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

What would be the answer if you tell your boss that, “I am not happy with my job?”

One hundred percent the next thing you got to hear will be – “I am sorry, but I think you need to read the appointment manual again and clause-III in specific & I think you should leave without wasting any further time.” If you are searching Google for the right definition of Job Satisfaction, I am afraid you won’t get any because until today there is none. But to keep it simple, “it is an extent to which employees either hate or love their job or in more technical terms it has something to do with an employee’s feeling about his work.” So, what about you? Do you really love your job?

Who is responsible for the poor performances? Ask management about their poor employee retention record, it is always workers at a fault. In the case of employees, it is always ‘blood sucking managers.’

Be it small scale firms or multinational like Infosys, Wipro, TCS attrition rate is booming. The annual attrition rate at Infosys stood at 18.9%, Wipro at around 15% and TCS shed nearly 48,000 employees, i.e., 4.9% in the Q4 of the fiscal year 2015.

Companies are organizing mentor programs, motivational lectures, offering perks, and benefits; doing every possible thing they can, to make sure the employees stay. According to the field experts (human resource), the economy is booming and so are the opportunities for the talent; give your employees a reason to bid farewell and they will do without even thinking what’s next.

To companies, it is always money because of which they fail to arrest the talent for a longer duration. Quite obviously money is a concern, be it a salary or profits, however, there are various other things that count. Let me share a few with you.

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1Relationship between remuneration and job satisfaction

“I work for money and if you want loyalty, hire a dog.” Money is a direct and most influential contributor when it is about satisfaction. Yes, you may say, money is not always the reason behind many who decide to quit, there are other factors.

This may be true for many, but admit it, are you ready to join a company who is known for its better working environment, but offers you a salary package that is 10% less than what you are getting now. The answer is,”no way!”

Moreover, without being a part you cannot judge the environment. Let me quote, “if you think – money cannot buy happiness, then my dear friend, you probably don’t know where to shop.” Value their skills according to the industrial standards and rest is assured. Always remember, “if you throw peanuts you will only get monkeys.”

2Relationship between quality of promotion and job satisfaction

“Do you see growth?” It all begins from the day one of our kindergartens. “Be at your best and only then you can survive this cutthroat competition.” When it comes to the job, we all want to be a part of an organization with endless growth opportunities.

What’s going on! Where are you these days)?” Every time you are asked this question, you wish to throw a new answer; this a question of your growth. For job satisfaction, growth opportunities are equally important provided you have that x-factor.

3Relationship between work environment and job satisfaction

Are you happy with the work environment? Do you feel over-pressured or underrated? A firm with ‘red-tapism and nepotism i.e., undue favoritism for a few at work is bound to have a high attrition rate.’

The environment plays an important role and it could dramatically affect the productivity. Whether you are an employee or employer, you need to root this disease out. For many, working environment matters the most and we know the environment is directly linked to psychology, thus, productivity.

4Relationship between supervision + teamwork and job satisfaction

The managers and supervisor are the people who make sure that everything is running the smoothest possible. The research papers have proofs that supervision is a predictor of job satisfaction, the better you supervise things the best results you can expect from your employees.

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If you closely observe, the main reason behind the argument is the lack of the instructions that later on become confusions and finally, an unprofessional reaction. Unlike managements who do right things, the supervisor does things right.

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things – Mother Teresa.”

5Relationship between job satisfaction and life satisfaction

“What would you do to the money earned if you have no time for enjoying it.” We cannot ignore the fact that there is a general spillover of our domestic life satisfaction over the work. If you are not happy at your personal shores, there are high probabilities that you won’t be happy on work-front.

Not every business is concerned with its employees’ personal fronts, but there are many firms who are working in this area as well. Should there be a transparency between the management and the employees to discuss any possible thing that they think is deteriorating their performance, job satisfaction can be increased.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

To sum up I would rather say – contentment is an inner sense of security and we all have our own definitions of security and contentment.

Let is be job satisfaction or life satisfaction; it is a collective effort that starts from within.