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Going abroad, a dream that we all have, but only a few dare to confess. Tell your parents that you want to go aboard and I bet 70% they will say, “Kuch nahi rakha hai bahar. Yahin mehnat kar lo (Instead of dreaming about abroad, better do hard-work in your own country).

Besides finances, the main reason behind their denials is – Immigration Frauds. Go anywhere, switch any TV channel, you will see countless advertisements about going abroad and visa consultancy television talk-shows.

For a minute, you will feel like, who is telling the truth and whom should I trust “I can get you the funds required as show money, education gap is no problem, and one hundred percent visa success rate; favorite quotes of these looters.

Most of them will say, “visa papers se nahi andar connection se milta hai bhai. Paper to sari dunia ke pass hai (people don’t get a visa for their papers, they get it because of visa consultants’ embassy connections.)” Can I tell you there is no such thing and it is completely your documents and authenticity that is going to get you a visa?

Now that most of the visa applications and relevant information are available on the internet, you barely need someone to tell you what has to be done for a visa. However, scammers are not leaving any chance of committing a fraud; fake websites, fake immigration agents, fake visa labels, wrong documents, tempered bank/financial statements tempered passports, illegal border crossing, and fake job offers; you could be one of those 10 applicants who manage to board from their port without knowing whether you will be allowed to cross the final destination or you will waiting for a return flight on the same day? I am a frequent traveler and I have been to various countries and I have seen airport authorities dealing with fake entries and deportations.

In this article, I will talking about two most visa categories – student and job skilled visa.

Student Visa Secrets -No Dodgy Shortcuts

The success of student visa depends upon five basic things –

  1. your academics results and the degrees (your last qualification and how that is relevant to the course you are applying for)
  2. your academics results and the degrees (your last qualification and how that is relevant to the course you are applying for),
  3. the financial history (how would you support yourself during your studies because you will be on working hours’ limitation)
  4. Your English language abilities (IELTS, PTE, TOFEL), gap between studies (if any)
  5. Reputation of the university where you are seeking admission.

Should you have all documents ready, you can initiate your student visa application by self and you seriously do not need any agent.

Suggestions - Do your homework.
  1. Look out for the immigration website initiated only by the country’s government.
  2. They have all the answers. All you need to do is – explore these websites. Now that you know how visa process will work, you can ask counter-questions to your agents (if any) and you can prepare yourself with genuine documentation.
  3. It is good to have an expert involved, but not at the cost of your ignorance.

Skilled Immigration or Work Visa

  1. Let me tell you very clearly if an agent is charging lacs of rupees for getting you a job offer; he is a fraud and there are high chances that you will be deported for sure, even if you manage to cross other transits borders.
  2. We know most of the countries are offering e-Visas now and this has become a boon for fraud agents.

They are expert photoshop professionals; they manage to get one genuine e-visa print out and for every applicant all they do is – tempering with application number digits, the name of applicant and photos. Please note – job offers and the nature of wok are not going to be as easy as they narrate. The human resource department or ministry of manpower are directly involved and when it is about skill shortage, their first priority is always a domestic market and not the international market. No doubt, there are skilled migration programs started by many countries, but do not let anyone fool you. These are not as expensive as these agents make them and the selection criterion is very strict.

Suggestions - Do your homework
  • If it is e-Visa filling; ask for Application or tracking number.
  • Ask for the license -In many countries you have to have a license for doing job visas.

Be it a skilled immigration case or student visa, countries do amend their rules quite often and same is the case with skill shortage lists. Before applying, give a closer check on these because most of the immigration will try to cheat you with these changes; “Rules change ho gae hai ji, aapka case ab weak ho gia hai (rules are changed and as per new rules, visa success rate of your case is very weak). But, I have connections who will get your file out from the backlog and new rules won’t make any difference. All stupid. Regardless of any rule change, your file stays in the same batch (until a decision is done).

A few more scams like dating and romance, job offers without interview, work-from-home, winning an immigration lottery, email address scams, and maritime scams. A wrong agent or incorrect immigration advice will put you in a situation where you will find yourself standing next to a divider; with beautiful looking wrong turns leading you to the city of disfigured cannibalistic men.