Do You Know Why You Should Never Hold In Your Pee

Holding your pee today. You won't be able to hold it later.

Do You Know Why You Should Never Hold In Your Pee
Do You Know Why You Should Never Hold In Your Pee
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  1. Exposing your body to potentially harmful bacteria.
  2. More likely to develop long-term urinary tract symptoms.
  3. Setting up an overactive bladder.

The best feeling in the world is – when you pee after holding it for several hours. That one moment of calmness is matchless.

“Darling, have you done with packing dad’s lunch? I am visiting him at the hospital before the office.” I took my bag and left for the hospital. My dad is of 70 and he recently had a stent placement treatment. On that very day, hospital staff shifted him to his private room. He was doing all good. I was sitting next to him and we were talking. Suddenly, I heard someone screaming. Someone was brought to hospital. After initial checkup, doctor announced him dead on arrival. He died because of bursting his bladder. Doctor informed his family that he was holding a lot of liquid in his bladder; alcohol actually. He was holding pee and he intentionally arranged a setup for traumatic bladder rupture. For the first time in my life – I came to know about how dangerous it is to hold in your pee.

Many of us hold pee for our own idiotic reasons; they don’t have time because they are particularly absorbed by an activity or because they are too lazy to visit a toilet. We sometimes retain our pee for long enough.

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In some cases, we are left with no option other than holding it because we have no access to toilets or we are restricted by our professional obligation that prevents us from visiting toilet quite often. However, do you know what happens to your body when you prevent your bladder from the required relief or in simpler terms when you hold your pee?

On average, a human bladder can hold up to 440 milliliters of urine each day and we are advised to drink at least 1.5 (1500 milliliters) liters of water.

So, if you are drinking the said amount of water, making several trips to the washroom for the purpose is not awkward. Should you not doing it for any reason, you are exposing yourself to many bodily risks.

The Urinary Tract Infection

The urinary tract infection, generally called cystitis is caused by germs in the urine retained too long in the bladder, but also in the urinary tract. If you hold urine for a long time without being evacuated, the walls of the bladder eventually catch fire and are affected by an infection known as cystitis.

Usually harmless, these infections are more common and cause ailments such as cramps, chills, fever, and pain when urinating.

However, it is necessary to treat them quickly and before degenerating into cystitis pyelonephritis, a dangerous inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis.

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For the individuals concerned, the fact of holding too long and too often, completely distended muscles of the bladder, so it becomes impossible to completely empty the bladder. In the worst case, there could be a bladder burst.

The Formation of Kidney Stones

Some people are more prone than others to the formation of kidney stones. If this is your case, and you are often holding your pee, then you are harming your health greatly.

You must understand that small clots that form in the kidney are frequently discharged through the urine. However, if they accumulate in the bladder or kidneys, they can form important calculations and can only be removed through surgery.

To prevent the formation of these calculations, it is recommended drinking lots of water and go to the bathroom when your body craves.

It is the only way through which you will manage to eliminate waste that accumulates in your kidneys and you will improve your overall health.

The Enlargement of The Bladder

Even if you do not feel, the bladder has a very limited capacity and you should not force it to retain large quantities of liquids. In case you do so, you are actually forcing your bladder for an unhealthy expansion.

The bladder can hold about three glasses of water. We need to follow this rule. If we are not in a position of going to the toilet as we please, we must restrict our liquid intake. When the bladder is full, receptors in the brain are responsible for sending a signal that tells us that we must go to the toilet.

The brain triggers itself the urination for us to evacuate the liquids retained in our bladder. Not responding to this signals positively, will lead the expansion of our bladder.

In the beginning, the body will continue to trigger urination traditional, but will end up storing the urine in other parts of the body automatically, which will cause health problems. If you regularly hold your urine, your body will end up not expelling it naturally.

The urine will thus return to the urethra and in the kidneys, which can cause serious infections.