Do You Know – Why Do We Wake Up At Night On Same Time

Do You Know - Why Do We Wake Up At Night On Same Time?
Do You Know - Why Do We Wake Up At Night On Same Time?
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Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Physical, emotional, or mental health problems.
  2. Nothing to do with insomnia.
  3. Chinese Medicine Body Clock offers a great insight

“Every single night, my body wakes me up at the same. It makes me feel like that there is someone sitting by my side.”

Scared? Don’t be. I have no intentions of scaring the shit out of you. From decades I had this question in my mind. Why do I wake up at night on the same time? Many people connect this problem with insomnia or poor quality sleep; perhaps the biggest nightmares that our humanity is facing humanity. The gallerias of Chinese medicine got a definite answer for the query; why do we wake up at night on the same time?

The fact is, this has nothing to do with sleeping disorder, but about the health of your body! According to the studies, experts say, “Tell us what time you wake up at night and they will tell you what is the illness you are suffering from that is compelling you to wake up by that time.

Eastern cultures embrace the idea that our body is more than a formidable mechanism governed by physical laws and are satisfied that material energy flows through us, a life force, called the Chinese Qi or Prana in Hinduism.

This energy flows through the body in a cycle of 24 hours in every area within the intervals of every two hours; energizing it and supporting its proper functioning. According to the study, regions are governed by Chinese body clock!

Although in the middle are concepts such as energy, should not you expect your organs to be traversed by creeps trembling at any time of day or night. Qi is silent and does not bother you at all, on the contrary!

However, quite another matter if it encounters a blockage, whether physical or emotional because it is believed that in Chinese medicine every organ is affected by a certain mood.

If you wake up every night between 23:00 and 1:00

Between 23:00 – 01: 00 hrs, Qi crosses gallbladder, responsible for optimal digestion by collecting bile. As you expect, if jerked violently this time, it is likely to have a malnutrition, creating a blockage in the gallbladder function. Give up unhealthy fats and gives them a chance to those who even feed your body, which they found in foods like avocado or salmon!

If you wake up every night between 03:00 and 5:00

Are you excessively smoking or living in a polluted environment in which clean air is a rarity? Or, you bedroom is devoid of proper ventilation? If your answer is yes to any of these, then no wonder, if your sleep is interrupted abruptly between these hours; 03: 00-05: 00.

I am not living in a polluted area and I don’t smoke. Still, I wake up every night between 03.00 – 05.00. Why so? In that case, it is likely that feelings of anger, disappointment, or grief are the burden on you.

My only suggestion is – these things are going to make your life miserable. You will see that once you give those up, you will start having peaceful sleep!

If you wake up every night between 05.00 and 07.00

Unless you are a morning person or have a job where you had to be standing during this time, it is possible that awakening during these hours and that too without an alarm is a sign of problems in the intestine. The solution? Drink more water, absolutely necessary for digestion.

Regarding the emotions of this period, Chinese sages consider that jam, and impatience failures associated with lack of achievements in life are highly responsible for natural alarm that disturbs.

In case, you are waking up in the same time-frame, how about getting yourself checked for the health problems identified by Chinese medicine?