Do You Know What Are The Benefits of Health Insurance in India

Do You Know What Are The Benefits of Health Insurance in India
Do You Know What Are The Benefits of Health Insurance in India
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  1. Health is wealth
  2. Health insurance is more than hospitalization reimbursement.
  3. It not only protects but also ensures a peace of mind.

Entire life people run after making lots of money so that they can enjoy the gift of life. Sooner or later everybody realizes that the only wealth in life is health. If you haven’t earn that wealth enough, no matter how much money you have made, you’ll never enjoy your life.

With this changing lifestyle, people are suffering through more and more health problems which is why health care is becoming increasingly expensive. Health insurance plays a vital role but still there are many who are living without getting insured thinking they are fit and fine. Do you know what are the benefits of health insurance in India other than the reimbursement part in case of hospitalization:

1) Tax benefits

Did you know that under the income tax act of section 80D, you can get deduction of Rs. 25000 for mediclaim insurance premium paid.

For senior citizens, you get a deduction of Rs. 30,000 for mediclaim insurance premium paid for them.

2) Cashless facility

Your insurance company will have networked hospitals where you can avail cashless insurance.

In this case, you don’t have to worry about the payments, everything is taken care between the hospital and your insurance company.

3) Convalescence Benefits

Under the recuperating benefit, you can get a lumpsum if the patient is required to be hospitalised for a longer duration i.e 7 to 10 days.

This facility is mainly due to the patients inability to generate income while hospitalised.

Many policies also cover post hospitalisation part under recuperating benefit, you need to check in for the eligibility.

4) Alternative treatment

Today, many people opt to go for alternate treatment like ayurvedic, homeopathy, yoga, etc. due to their successful healing records. Today, many insurance companies offer reimbursement for such treatments as well. If not full then at least to some extent.

5) Organ donation benefits

Transplanting an organ can be an expensive matter, for instance kidney transplantion takes lacs of rupees.

There’s a lot of pressure both financially and emotionally, better you have a health insurance this time at least to get away from the financial pressure.

6) Home treatment benefits

Many times it happens that the patient can’t be hospitalised due to his/her inability to walk up to the hospital.

Many insurance companies cover home treatments where a patient is given all the hospital related treatments at home. However, the bills needs to be submitted

7) Insurance portability

This one is a great benefit, at any point of time, you can swith from one policy to another if you feel the either is better for you. You get flexibility while choosing your policy.

8) Free health check up

This one is superb! After every 4-5 claim free years, you can get free body check-ups. You need to check out for the networked hospitals of your insurance company.

Oh wait! we are not finished yet, the world is going digital and your insurance buying facilities have as well.

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long lines with forms in your hands.

You can easily checkout various insurance companies online and can well analyse different policies before settling for the best plan.

You never know what can happen in your life next, it’s always better to have a health policy for you and your family. It will not only protect you but will also ensure peace of mind.