Do You Know The Power of Subconscious Mind

Do You Know The Power of Subconscious Mind
Do You Know The Power of Subconscious Mind
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

About 10% of our mind is conscious and remaining 90% is subconscious (some say unconscious). Strange, but interesting fact.

It is a kind of mess around us. We are actually forcing our conscious mind to work for things that are the produce of our subconscious mind. Got a question for you – do you know the power of subconscious mind??

Before I can go on this conscious and subconscious thing, let me break these two terms for an easy understanding. Drinking a coffee, driving a car, mathematical calculations; activities that ask for consistent brain participation, are conscious mind activities.

On the other hand, activities like running, breathing, reading, speaking, digestion, excretion, are the process of our subconscious mind; no thinking process required.

We believe that we are ruling our brain. But, the reality is – the subconscious side of our brain is ruling us; forcing us to do things that can bring momentary happiness and nothing in permanent.

Perhaps, this is the reason why most of us fail or die unhappy. We keep running for things that are the produce of our subconscious mind and not going to bring any inner peace. Before we can master anything, we need to know the power of our subconscious mind.

The main reason behind many spoiled things, be it relationship or business – uncontrolled emotions. Doubtlessly, most of us react and not act. Again, we fight over useless things and that too without much thinking.

Stress, anxiety, and fear are the culprits and all these are the products of our subconscious mind. Hence, it is all about controlling your subconscious mind; you must make your subconscious mind understand that you are the boss.

The more positive thoughts in your subconscious mind, the more positive things you will be doing. Trust me, if you ever got a chance to realize how powerful your thoughts are, I can bet, you would never ever dare to think a negative thought. This was an amazing.

Last Sunday, I got a hand on this very wonderful book – “The extraordinary power of your subconscious mind.” You can learn a lot about how to control your brain and how your thinking process can help you in becoming a better person. And, this book can be a life-changing if you know someone who is at his tender age.

What I learned from this book

The subconscious mind is very powerful. It is the creator of your body and in has all the powers to cure any disease. All you need to do is – think. You become what you think.

Stop saying, “It is impossible” or “I do not have means to do something and similar pity words.” Beware, your subconscious mind will take these suggestions and will start repeating those to you. Finally, you will never be able to things that you wanted to do.”

The second best thing that I learned after buying and reading this book is – The subconscious mind will never contradict, and it is going to accept what you consciously affirm. Now I know that conscious mind plays the role of “guardian.”

Whatever your subconscious mind tells, conscious mind will protect those as a guard. Here, another important thing that needs to be done is protecting your subconscious mind against negative suggestions.

If you have control of your conscious mind, you have the cure to any disease. We are sick because we think we are; it is a kind of belief system. Think deeply.

You get pissed off because of jealousy, distrust, anxiety, and for all such things that affect the nerves and glands, resulting in mental and physical suffering.

You need to understand that no medical treatment can help you unless you do; it is about your firm faith and determination.

Believing is achieving. If you think you can, you will. Before you can actually have a prosperous life, you need to dream about having one and you need to work on that. You need to think about that – positively. “Yes! I can and not Yes! Only I can.”

There is a lot more about framing good habit, learning to forgive, human relationship, secrets of obtaining results, overcoming fear, and a lot more. This book can teach you how to control your subconscious mind and how to control your emotions.

Trust me, guys, this book can really make you what you really want to. I believe, if you read this book with utmost care and apply the teachings, you will for sure experience the miracles.