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Do you have these makeup must have products?
Do you have these makeup must have products?

Do you have these makeup must-have products?


Women are very good at doing legwork about fashion accessories. Getting dolled up is perhaps the activity every single female enjoy the most and no doubt, ladies spend a significant share of their life doing this.

While few others are living in a bubble of ‘being invincible.’ Who cares how I look or why to buy any age-defying serum when I have no wrinkles. Ask any beautician, user or no user, your choices about using or dropping any product determines the fate of your skin. Nonetheless, those who really cares, I would like to suggest a few makeup must have products for their nightstand.


Give it a damn! Nothing enlivens your face up faster than a flush with a mesmerizing pop of colors beautifully done across your cheeks.

The shade barely matters, let it be red, apricot, raspberry, fuchsia or any other, choosing the right brand is very most important. Always keep one handy with you for special occasions with no time for a complete session.


“Yuck! I got a pimple from nowhere. These discolorations, freaking blemishes, and dark circles are making me look like a stressed personality. How can I get rid of this skin redness?”

Have I made it large? Something that really disturbs you?

A question of you heart? Well, it is a time for mastering a concealer. Unlike celebs, no need of surgeries.

Use this easily available camouflage and I bet, nothing stands a chance against this.


“The main gate to the soul is through the eyes.” these are the poetic representation of eyes.

However, our fashion experts have their own descriptions, “eyes reveal a lot about your age.”

Make it a habit, use an eye-cream. Be a pro, learn to hide your under-eye-baggage, trick the puffiness, and brighten up your dull and sallow skin.

Red Lipstick

You must have a red go-to-tube of red (red lipstick) in your bag.

Whether you going go clubbing or an official seminar, Red is the only color that suits on any outfit.

Do take a good care while buying it; be it crimson, cherry, candy apple, cinnamon or any other red shade, only go for a shade that suits your complexion.


“Jhuki jhuki si nazar, bekrar hai ke nahin.” To me, this ghazal from the maestro, Jagjit Singh is the most appropriate explanation of eye-lashes.

Beautifully done long and luscious eyes lashes are equivalent to a gold ring with a finely cut diamond on it.

Just amazing. A perfect showstopper. Yours can be too. All you need, a mascara, a few skills, and just 30 seconds. Try it and add a little oomph to your looks.

Dry Shampoo

Now what is this? Aerosol sprays, I am talking about. Greasy hair and it looks like hair-oil will flood out on shoulders anytime soon? “I wanna wash my hair but, ughhh.. no time.”

Knock knock, probably it is the time for buying a dry shampoo; a water-free way of freshening your hair.

Just hold on to the spray bottle, spray it on the root area gently and give it scalp massage. Wait for two-three minutes and then comb it.

Whew, all grease, and dirt are gone. Well, use it with care and remember, it is no comparison to real washing.

Face Wipes

“I am so tired and I feel like not going to the bathroom and wiping my makeup!”

Mind it, sleeping in makeup is terrible and without any excuse, do your skin a favor, just wipe it off with a moist towelette. Do store a bunch of face-wipe packs in your nightstand.


Last but not least, summers are approaching and you definitely need a sunscreen.

Do not make any compromise and protect your most precious asset from disastrous UV/UVB rays. Apply it, the sun or no sun.