Do you have the confidence required?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

It’s very simple, if you live with a healthy dose of self-confidence, life will become much easier. Why? Because it is your confidence that will make you see the world exactly the way you want to see.

It makes you realize that you can achieve whatever you want and it compels you to see positivism that you might be completely blank about, otherwise. Being confident, you will provoke others to connect you for every little thing. Simply because you have the courage to decide things you will represent yourself as a ‘person of contact’ in such situations. And that’s good. So, how would you gain more confidence? Indeed, there are lots of things you can do to increase your confidence; allow me to walk you through a few.

Practice Gratitude

Most of the time, we often heard ourselves saying that I will be happy when I will have this thing or when I will do this thing or when I reach some point. Happiness depends solely on you, and if you now are not feeling happy with everything you have now, there are high probabilities that you won’t feel even after having the desired things. Learn to enjoy with what you have and cling less of drawbacks. Often we make a list of what shortcomings we live with and completely ignore the good things that we have in our lives. With a little practice, you can train your brain. Mentally balanced people know how to enjoy the present, and how to be grateful for things they have. Worth trying, right?

Do Not Give Up Power

When you place yourself in a position where you represent yourself as a helpless soul who consistently blame his fate, the situations, the karma or the nearest person, you are actually cutting off all your strength. Also, when people keep themselves at denials and keep them surrounded with misery, you are then surrendering your power. Take responsibility for the life you live, no more excuses, blames, and surround yourself with optimism. Do not give up your powers, be it a professional or a personal relationship.

Accept Challenges

No matter how pleasant it seems to stay in the comfort zone, but it is a place of stagnation, the bottlenecks, and inactivity. Often this area is not even made of structural or functional things, but no matter how problematic it is, it still has the advantages of familiarity. We know what we face, we know what we expect and we have already become accustomed to this state. The originality is in accepting challenges, an opportunity to test your limits, and discover new things about yourself. Testing limits refer to overcome barriers that often we impose ourselves because of our poor/incompetent knowledge or self-assessment that keep telling us, “I can only do so”. With each obstacle that you will overcome, you will gain more confidence and courage in you.

Let Loose Perfectionism

Perfectionism is blocking progress. By the fear that something will not be perfect, you come late in the action. The fear that something will not go perfectly right, you constantly hesitate doing that thing. A fine way to let go of perfectionism is to look less far ahead. Follow your heart and take baby steps instead long jumps. Every small step forward gives you confidence. Focus on the effort that you are going to put and don’t think much about the results.

Focus On What You Can Control

It is useless to waste time hoping that we can manage everything or keep ourselves busy with others’ problems. Obviously, any workplace can arise a multitude of variables that change, sometimes radically, given a situation. To not living in permanent anxiety and stress of managing everything, it is important to focus on what depends on us. That means you are prepared for everything that you need to do to get the result you want. You are the person responsible for your action and you are the one who knows when to persevere, and when to stop. These are the keys to productivity and efficiency. I agree, there still exists a fear of things going the other way around, but having control over your actions you can better prepare yourself with the case.

Establish Healthy Boundaries

This means, first of all, we need to practice assertive communication, i.e., knowing how to say no without offending and boldly support your needs and desires. Often learn to say, “no” is a very big challenge, especially when it entails the disappointment of others. But, how long your answer is in agreement with what you think and what you feel? At the end, this is a sign of integrity. We have nothing to feel guilty doing what we should be doing or refusing because it is a matter of the resources, time and mood. It is your right to refuse, especially in situations where refusal to respect your beliefs and values.

Assuming Proper Risk

If you always try to remain in the safety zone you will never be able to discover new things and you will be missing many chances to evolve and know yourself better. Learn to take calculated risks, but the never miss to rate the assumption of possible failures. Start with situations that have a low risk, and then, you can grow progressively. This way, you can keep yourself ready for the failures, and successes. Look for those opportunities that come out of your comfort zone, but have bright prospects. Always calculates the risk-benefits, so that you know how to choose wisely.

Leaving The Past Behind

The past can have two versions: a happy past that you regret, or one loaded with suffering that we allow to overwhelm us further. And, each version may have in turn two choices: what really happened and how I perceived and lived that reality. As history has only meant to teach us certain things, it is good to see lessons, but we must learn to move on and never do the same mistake. Refuse to live in nostalgia or regret and quit remorse or resentment. Detach yourself from all over and, by doing so, you’ll be anchored in your present life.

Learn From Mistakes

Shame overwhelms you when you’re wrong? Do you feel that you cannot forgive? Do you fear to take any new initiative just because you fear of repeat failure? Just learn from your mistakes, not take them as examples of life. Accept responsibility and give an interpretation of productive events. We all make mistakes, but only so we can learn what to do next. Maybe sometimes even more mistakes are necessary for us to find the right path. Instead, let ourselves overwhelmed by them, we can always get reviewed and successes and thus, balance the balance.

Practice Solitude

Studies demonstrating an overwhelming percentage of those who would more easily accept to be alone for half an hour than staying with a nonsense personality. When you spend time with you, you can organize your thoughts, you can dedicate time to a pleasant activity or you can simply relax and recharge your batteries. Loneliness has a major role on our general good condition. Moreover, the ability to spend time with oneself protects us and also help us to depend on ourselves than on the others.

We all were born optimists, and some of us do exercises to get there. This help us to look at the present and future situations positively with self-confidence. Including in the event of failure, we know that we will recover and we will continue on the road. But, the prospect of failure will not prevent us from reaching our goals. Involve yourself, trust yourself and act direction. Do not forget to smile.

Apparently, the mere grimace that you strive to mimic brain is enough to send a positive message. Therefore, Fake it until you make it!