Do we really need Reservation?

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India – Caste System – Religious Fanaticism
Reservation Free Developed Country 

“You keep the reserves, we will immigrate the deserves.” The only reason behind massive brain-drain, isn’t it? Is there any permanent escape for the most trending problem of our nation – reservations? Do we really need a few amendments in our constitution regarding this or it is time already to close this chapter forever? Despite huge agitations, why government bodies are not arriving at any conclusion about this issue? As per the area experts, it is all about vote bank – making people of lower castes feel burdened, and acting like saviors; all about gaining political mileage. Back in the 1950s, it was a good idea, but a gradual shift in the policy is highly required at this hour. Reservation is always used as a hidden manifesto agenda; should any party dare to talk against it, a massive vote bank loss is sure.

Where it all started, I am not going into that. But, I must say, it is more likely – ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ kinda situation. The caste based discrimination resulted in caste based reservation. It is deep in our roots. Reminds me of those historical stories, where Dalits were beaten to death for stealing a bucket of water from a landlord’s well. And, whether we talk about India before the independence or today’s digital India, that sort of inhuman behavior and love for caste-system is still there. The recent cases of Dalit lynching, honor killings, and inter-caste marriages are undeniable examples of our double standard psychology. No denial, although we talk a lot about digital India, yet a huge portion of our population is still fighting with problems like malnutrition, famine, and education. I am not favoring reservation; not at all. I strongly feel that there should be no reservation, not at least on the basis of caste, but economic status of a candidate. How come a student with 40% marks can be a good doctor? If it is about uplifting the poor, then how about giving reservation to a general category student whose family falls in the lowest tax slab? Reservation is actually demoralizing the deserving candidates and that day is not so far when India will face a huge shortage of skilled professionals, if not stopped.

Reservation is actually demoralizing the deserving candidates and that day is not so far when India will face a huge shortage of skilled professionals, if not stopped.

Next in this series is – “who is responsible for this?” Isn’t it about making policies the way vote-bank wants? It is becoming more likely a can of worms and we need a bigger jar here and if you think this whole system can be root out; I must say, “it is not going to happen.” My point is – on an average, 60-70% population of India belongs to reserve categories and I am sure, no political party will ever take that chance of miffing this huge proportion. By the time, we may see some changes, but complete elimination – not possible unless we make it happen on the ground level. The biggest problem that I see is – no one is ready to take the responsibility. We all are seeking a solution, but no one is ready to play his part. What could be the possible, by the way? The violent agitations or riots are not a solution. They won’t solve anything, but will give a chance to the miscreants for fuming social disturbances. In India, “Divide and rule still work and we know this.” Do I need to tell you,“An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind.” Have you ever heard about any such nonsense in western countries? No, I guess, The reason being, there is no caste system they follow and there is no reservation as well, but scholarships to the needy and deserving.

Giving a fair chance to everyone is good and we must favor it. Giving financial support (to the needy section) is no problem, but when it is about grades everyone must be equally treated. Instead, spreading words of hate through infographics or facebook posts against caste-based reservation system, we must spread awareness about how poor people are used a pawns. “we must make them aware that there is no such thing called free – if you are using reservation, you are actually paying a huge price and your kids will be paying the EMIs as well.” Reservation is a psychological disease and once you know that you will get a seat even if you don’t study hard, you won’t study hard. Just imagine, what happens to your kids, if they get the same psychology, but no reservation? It is simply making you a slave again; a slave to this vote-bank. Stop being a slave. How long do you think this beggary would please you?

To root a plant out, we need to pluck that plant from the root and root of reservation is – caste-system. We need to ask ourselves, how about abolishing the caste system at all. No caste-system, no reservation required at all! Sounds insane, yeah? But, I bet, no one is ready to give up that fake pride of being someone from upper-caste as well. How about a new slogan – Indian Against Reservation, Caste System and Religious Fanaticism To root a plant out, we need to pluck that plant from the root and root of reservation is – caste-system.

Just think about it – no caste system means no honor killings, no categorization of people , no caste based discrimination and finally, equality in real terms. Are you ready for the change?