Do not Brainwash me with your thoughts

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Do not put your words in my mouth and do not force me to see you in my dreams.

In earlier ages, the advertisement used to serve as a bridge between sellers and prospective buyers; a medium of reaching the target audience. Be it any number of companies selling identical products; everyone was allowed to reach its target market and there used to be strict guidelines about the content of the advertisements.

When it comes to political parties, I still remember, in the early 70s to 90s, the only platform from where they were allowed to make a shout about their achievements was – Parliament Houses. But, since last few years, the concept of marketing has completely changed. The copyrights of commercials are no more an individual property of business owners now and no offense, but be it political parties or business, everybody is shamelessly crossing their limits. Today, advertisements mean brainwash; a trick used for manipulating viewer’s behavior.

There are two possible ways of reaching the top – hard-work and smart-work i.e. bringing the top ones down.

I feel no trouble saying that ethics and standards of a few businesses have fallen drastically. Let it be cold drink manufacturers, toothpaste makers, bakeries, confectioneries; it is ‘defame and fame’ theory everywhere. “Behind every huge success and big money, there is a crime involve,” they say. But, the fact is – in the battle of consciousness and stomach; it is stomach that wins.

The hunger of having more and more is keeping us all hungry; the more we have the more we demand. These ads are actually a reason behind increased consumerism. Since last few years, the advertisement budgets of political parties’ are touching skies. Many of them are already doing “Roadblock Advertisement.” From every single street corner to the highway, all I am made to see is – hoardings and no doubt, political hoardings. Keeping our political interests aside, how many of us ever thought about the funding source behind those ads? Isn’t taxpayers’ money? And, if not, and if sponsored, won’t they be attracting any ROI (return on investment)?

Every time I switch on my television, pick a newspaper, surf internet, go on social media, go for a movie or walk on the road; advertisements are everywhere. Dear Advertiser! Brands don’t need brainwashing. You really don’t need to provoke my emotions. I don’t think, after doing a good job, you still need to shout about the same. If you are good, let people be the judge. Why are you forcing me to see your things again and again? Are not you trying to make me stay tuned with you all the time? Give me one single reason that you are not trying to divert my attention from your loopholes? When you adopt this sort of maneuverings of keeping me busy with your stories all the time, it is actually forcing me to rethink about whether I should think or not. Being a marketing post-graduate myself, I must say – too many ads also represent the ‘sense of insecurity.’

Also, it gives me a feeling that you are living in a fear of me forgetting you. Perhaps, that is why you are not ready to take any chance with any possible medium of advertisement. Let me tell you, these sort of ads are made with such flavors that they aim at stirring our emotions for a long time. Through such ads, you are leaving your impression on our brain for a longer time you and whether you do a good job or bad, we will keep you alive in our brain for a period longer than expected. Dear people, give it a second thought, aren’t these commercials trying to rule our senses?

Are not these ads killing our acumen; the intelligence of choosing between good and bad? If you are that good, then allow a healthy comparison and do not make it a lane of one-way traffic.