Dinner Table Etiquettes For Every Classy Lady

Dinner Table Etiquettes For Every Classy Lady
Dinner Table Etiquettes For Every Classy Lady
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Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh

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  1. It is important to observe certain rules at the dinner table.
  2. Nobody likes a woman who is too quiet or too loud.
  3. Ensure that everyone enjoys your company.

For any woman to be termed as classy, mannerism is of utmost important. Everyone adores a woman who carries a sense of sophistication with her.

We are going to talk about the very basic of things today – things that term you classy or otherwise. One of those things is proper table manners. Apparently, if anyone has poor dinner table manners, it does impact how people perceive them.

So we bring to you a list of the very basic manners for the dinner table – whether you are out dining with your colleagues or family, keep these pointers in mind for added sophistication.

First things first, whether you are dining out with your family, friends or colleagues, it is important to not use your mobile phone. One of the things that puts people off is the constant use of mobile phones. So next time you are out, make sure you keep your phone on silent and enjoy the dinner. A little courtesy never killed anyone!

Always chew with your mouth closed. This is something that goes without saying. A classy lady never eats with her mouth open. While at it, make sure you don’t speak while you are chewing.

If you are wearing a short dress, make sure you keep your legs crossed (but not over each other) or closer together when seated. You don’t want people to take a sneak beneath your legs secretly, do you?

While you are seated, place the napkin on your lap. Take it off of your lap only once you have finished eating your food.

Do not keep your elbows on the dinner table. Elbows are meant to be kept on the arms of the chair not the table.

If you have finished eating before everyone else, remain seated in your chair. Do not get up before they finish their meal. In case you have to, make sure you excuse yourself.

Proper dinner table etiquette suggest that if water is placed next to you, you should serve it to others before serving it to yourself.

Never have more than one alcoholic beverage if you’re dining out. A woman who is drunk or tipsy at public places is no sign of class.

Whenever you have to use a toothpick, make sure to cover your mouth with one hand. By doing this you are not only showing class but also avoiding letting everyone else see you making funny faces.

If you want something that is out of your reach on the table, always ask the person sitting closest to it to pass it on to you. Never get up from your seat to reach it.

If you’re eating at someone’s house, always compliment the food that they served you, even if you did not like it. Never say a bad word about the food cooked with love and care.

It is never a good idea to eat from someone else’s plate or offer the food on your plate to someone else.

Make sure you use the restroom before you begin your meals. It is the sign of a classy lady to never get up in between meals, unless of course it is an emergency.

Never, EVER, apply lipstick; fix your hair or makeup on the dinner table. If you have to, use the restroom for that.

Last but not least, when you get up, ensure that you push in your chair.

So we have given you an exhaustive list of things you need to keep in mind at the dinner table to make sure you remain as classy as possible.