Despite having a sea by my side, I was dying of thirst!

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

I don’t go on morning walk anymore, because I voted to stay little lazy. In fact, for the first time I have listened the echo of my mighty heart. A heart that was so full of love and betrayals, eventually shattered like a house of sea-sand, wiped away by a gigantic billow of water-wave. Despite having a sea by my side, I was dying of thirst!

Every time I tried to head myself high, my lovelorn destiny stabbed me on the back and left me alone like a ‘born-to-be-broken’ geek. From an insignificant distance, I have had a handshake with these pirates of my dreams innumerable time.

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Instead of correcting my facts, I keeps on feeding my blind believes with a hope; ‘one day, I will be extolled for everything that I am doing for everyone around me; one day the first ray of rising sun will rasp my usurped forehead lines from the west facing window.

Acknowledging the zero percent probability of happening aforesaid, I barely refrain myself from doing all such madness. Trust me; it takes a heart to see someone very own trespassing the boundaries of faith, however, if you are the one who thinks with heart and not through the brain, recovery is hard for you, my friend.

People are going to play with you tirelessly because people with big heart are favorite toys of the people with big brain.

To survive in this cruel world, we all must have some drops from the sea of wisdom and must save ourselves from dying of thirst.

I feel like God is playing chess with me; after his every move he stares at me, laughs clandestinely and force me to surrender.

The feature image reminds me of my childhood, perhaps the best time so far. I used to go for a walk with my granddad, holding his rough but strong index finger tightly and pulling him towards the seashore for the sake of oysters.

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Oh my goodness, how bad brat I was; stubborn, ill-behaved and careless. Never ever bothered about giving an ear to his lifetime experience; for me those were useless sermons and were already having them for free like community food. Ah! I was not at all interested.

Someone was sharing the code of his most valuable safe and I was rather concerned about dead, pearl less oysters.

Two things my granddad used to tell me

Two things I remember he used to say were, “when you got to deal with thorns and wicked people, you have two options; crush them or stay away from them.” The second thing I still remember was, “watch yourself when you are dealing with – fire, snake, king, female, and a fool.” These five things have inbuilt tendencies of thrashing you anytime they want.”

Now, I feel like I was on a merry-go-round ride with these all and perhaps that is why, I feel like an unfortunate person. He used to tell me why I need to learn to stay neutral. Keep in mind that, “in favorable times, a person screams about his identity to the world and in the rainy days, the whole world introduce him to the real identity on on his damn face,” he used to say.

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Now that I have grey hair on me, I have my logics clear. I know, whenever the puppet master (God) will pull the strings, the characters has to replace their positions.

A toddler, who feels immense proud after building a sand house of his own, is completely unaware of the huge destructive demon wave, which sea is secretly fathering (by the order of his-highness) for thrashing his dream sand house.

Like me, it might have happened to you as well countless times.