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Kya Aap Ke Toothpaste Mein Namak Hai ?
Kya Aap Ke Toothpaste Mein Namak Hai ?

Dental Veneers – A Secret Behind White Sparkling Teeth


I always wonder, how come these celebrities and models have perfectly shaped and sparkling white teeth. This reminds me of a famous proverb says, “All people smile in the same language,” reflecting the importance of a smile.

It is not about using a toothpaste with salt or artificial sweeteners. Ever heard about dental veneers? A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth like a false fingernail fits over a nail. Isn’t amazing.

The popularity of veneers is increasing among those who undergo this procedure every year. Now that I shared a secret with you behind teeth whitening, let me share a few insights into the cosmetic dentistry procedure of veneers. I recently learned about these from a dentist friend of mine.

Dental veneers also called as porcelain veneers are customized restorative tooth material that is used to either improve the overall aesthetics of the teeth or to treat any damage or decay to the teeth.

Made of porcelain and resin composite material they help to imitate light reflecting properties of natural teeth lending an aesthetic touch to the overall looks of the teeth.

Veneers are generally used to fix discolored teeth that may be the resulted from root canal treatment stains from drugs such as tetracycline and resin fillings.

The other reasons that may require veneers include worn chipped broken and misaligned teeth. Veneers is an ideal choice for dental patients as it has many advantages such as natural tooth appearance stain resistant and well tolerated by gum tissue. The color and shape of the human tooth can be selected and changed as desired.

The initial stages involve a candid discussion and examination of dental conditions with a cosmetic dentistry professional. This is then followed by the preparation of the enamel where the dentist removes about a millimeter of the enamel equal to the thickness of the teeth.

Then the impressions of the teeth and x-rays of the entire dental structure are taken for evaluating the dimensions of the veneers. The final stage involves affixing of the veneer with the help of ideal color of dental cement which is then hardened with the help of light beam.

Veneers provide perfect intermediate options between crowns and bonding for enhancing the appearance of the teeth. I must say that veneers are an ideal alternative to spruce up one’s smile and that too without any pain. They not only help to smile freely but also boost one’s confidence to face the world.

If you are looking forward to enhancing the appearance and oral health of the teeth, book an appointment with a dentistry professional.

Get rid of ugly looking yellow teeth and embrace the world with your beautiful smile.