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Dear Tears – I Miss You, But I Wish You All The Happiness
Dear Tears – I Miss You, But I Wish You All The Happiness

Dear Tears – I Miss You, But I Wish You All The Happiness

Dear Tears! Let's have one last kiss before we breakup.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


My dearest and nearest tears, hope you doing fine?

Dear tears, it has been long since we had a meeting. You used to be my best pal. You were always there at the time of crises. You never showed your back like others. You never ditched me like my bitchy girlfriend.

Unlike others with microwave mentality, you never shouted at me for finishing things at the earliest possible. I remember, we had long meetings. Hope you remember that bench in front of the church.

Dear tears, time has changed. I no longer need a walking-stick. I have sold my wheelchair as well. And, now I always shave. I have also renewed my gym membership. I have new friends on Facebook and I have changed my email addresses as well. But, whenever I walk through the same aisles of memories, I think of you.

Dear tears, like others, you betrayed me as well. How can you not remember those long starless nights? It is hard to believe. You are the only ones, with whom I shared every pain of mine.

The pain of leaving my hometown and migrating to a zombie land; a place full of strangers. The pain of spending cold winter nights on railway platforms, when my best friend threw me out of the house that we leased together because I was not able to pay rent on time. Remember, I told you that how I helped him when he was new to the place. I did pay his share of the rent for several months when he was jobless. But, who cares. It is all about the present.

Dear tears, we dated every single day, when I jobless because of a physical injury. We talked a lot about the pain of performing badly in the academics and failing exams because of mental traumas. That was the time, when my girlfriend ditched me because I was jobless, money-less, and to an extent, hopeless as well.

Remember, once I shared with you that my parents do not trust me anymore. I literally cried, when my father told me that he is no longer interested in any of my scripted sad story. My beloved tears, it was you with me that time. We were trying to encourage each other; you were helping me in relieving my pain and I was consoling you with my fingers.

Dear tears, our relationship by that time was at the peak. We were madly in love with each other. We used to meet everywhere; be it a train compartment, bus, streets, lobby area, corridors. Our love was so deep that we never cared about rest of the world.

Then, came the day when a casual friend of mine updated his Facebook status – attending the wedding. That was the day when I found out that it was my best friend’s wedding. I was sad. We had plans of having blasts on each others’ wedding and we had plans of a bachelor party. We had plans of visiting Thailand before getting married. But, he never informed me.

But, then came the biggest shock of my life when I saw his wedding picture tagged by the same casual friend. My best friend married my girlfriend and underneath was a comment – congrats, finally, you are married after a long live-in relationship. It was my girlfriend, who forced my best friend for my evacuation.

Dear tears, I believe that was the day when we had a second longest meeting.

With my broken heart and shattered dreams, I fled back home. Dear tears, you remember, we were talking all the way. I intentionally booked a corner seat, so that no can disturb us. We reached home together. Then, you attended my wedding as well.

I was somewhat not happy with my marriage; perhaps I was not ready. Then, started the everyday clashes with family. And, one fine day, I was asked to leave that home as well; a home where I spend 25 years. That was perhaps the last time, I cried and had the last date with my beloved tears.

Dear tears! I am sorry for shouting at you. I yelled at you to leave me alone. I decided to have a breakup with you. Because I opted to move on. I wanted to be a strong man. I had enough of crying like a woman.

Now, I want to show my true colors to this filthy world. I don’t want to be a parrot with colorful feathers, who loves to repeat things to please their owners. I want to be a vulture. I think, people respect only those, who beat the shit out of them.

Dear Tears, I don’t know when those tiny little drops of sour water became poisonous. I don’t know how it happened. But, I believe those meetings with you were slowly rupturing my innocent heart that was full of emotions and feelings.

I know, I am one of those, who left their best friend at good times. But, trust me, I still miss you, but I don’t want you back.