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Dear Mommy! Thank You For Having Me
Dear Mommy! Thank You For Having Me

Dear Mommy! Thank You For Having Me


Gentle as a breeze of the sea, beautiful as a spring, cold like a snowdrop, and daring as an autumn loaded with chosen gifts. I am talking about mothers.

Dear mommy! for me you are the beginning of all my beginnings. Every mother is an inspiration; a living example of love, care, devotion, duty, commitment, and sacrifice. Be it a role of daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, in-law, or grandmother; one hundred percent dedication is a must. Undoubtedly a real life actress with countless golden jubilees in her career.

What can be better than talking about your own mother; a person who brought you in this world? I do not have enough words to eulogize her. When I see my mother, I have strong reasons to believe that my mother is all in one.

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Throughout her early age, she worked like Mary Kom. As a mother, she is as strict as Krish’s Mom in Two States. On household chores, she cooks delicious food like Shashi from English Vinglish, and her relationship with my dad is like Pooja Malhotra of Baghban.

Every time fever burned my body, my mother was there, delivering warms kisses on my forehead. Give it a recall if you can, when you raised your first cry to the heaven, you see your mother right up there, warmly smiling. I am in my early 40s now and still, my mother can read my sorrows and happiness from my face.

To give me the best care, my mother sacrificed her free time and much of her social life, despite being a working and earning woman. I have seen her replacing her sleep with early alarms, romantic dinners with food prepared in the microwave.

Since I crossed my fourteenth birthday, I don’t remember a family vacation, she was with us to see new places or do many other things. It seems like she had surrendered her life to office, kitchen, and laundry a long time ago.

To achieve a balance between service and home, efforts are needed. When I was a kid, I used to say that mommy is always tired. But, then I realized, how my mommy never said, “she is exhausted too.” Despite endless work-related stress and homework, she never complained about her frustration and she never said a word about being unpaid for her efforts.

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We are three brothers and sisters. Ever since my childhood, I have noticed that unlike filmy moms, my mommy never supported only the younger one like Mamta of Hum Saath Saath Hain.

And, she never backed me and my little brother in our wrongs. If you have seen Rajesh Khanna, “Avtaar” movie, then you know what I am talking about; how Shabana Azmi used to support her ungrateful sons.

I remember, once I bunked school and my mother caught me red-handed. I requested my mother to not to tell the same to my father. However, ignoring my promises of never repeating the same, she told everything to my father.

And, when my father raised a stick on me, my mother intervened to save me. I cannot forget how my dad’s stick hurt my mother’s hand. And, when I bounced back at my dad (I was an idiot that time), my mother seized the same stick from my dad’s hand and delivered a dozen blows. With every blow, she was asking me, “how dare you to raise your voice against your dad?”

She beat me black and blue and I had several black and blue bruises. I locked myself in the room. In the night, she came to me with some home remedies for my body scars. While salving, I remember, how my mommy’s tears were rolling down and falling on my bruises.

She said, “thank you, son, for saving me.” I hurt you because I wanted to save myself. I was lucky that I caught you red-handed. Should your father be the one, he must have taught me a lesson and not you.

But, I know, you protected me. You not only saved my career, but you made me a better person, and an obedient son. There are countless instances that I need a book space to mention. And, what can I offer you for the sacrifices you made for me. What little I am today is because of you, my mother.

Dear mommy! I know, I was rude to you sometimes. I hurt you and disobeyed you. I see a close similarity between our relationship and that of a bird’s; mothers teach their baby birds to fly and when old mommies need them most, instead complaining, they wish their little ones luck for their happy flying hours.

I do not know how you can do it all, I do not know if you are doing miracles every day, or even you are a miracle. I cannot thank you enough for raising me, for educating me, for making my food, for joining me when I was sick, and for bringing me to you.

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