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Dear Ladies – How long it takes you to get ready for the action?
Dear Ladies – How long it takes you to get ready for the action?

Dear Ladies – How long it takes you to get ready for the action?



  1. Train Your Kegel Muscles.
  2. Read Erotic Stories or Watch An Erotic Movie.
  3. Do Yoga & Work on Your Abdominal Muscles.

Lights are dim. Exotic ambiance all around. Your partner gets excited about the game of love. But, you have got your own mood spoiler. You are not ready.

Is there anything else that can spoil your ‘night of action’ than your own mood? Just imagine, right before the moment, if you had to convince your partner for a little more time. “Darling! I need some more time. I am not ready yet.” This is not only a night spoiler, but is perfectly capable of destroying your relationship as well. Let me ask, how long it takes you to get ready for the action?

It can be very embarrassing for you when you feel like you cannot keep up with your boyfriend, who turns much faster than you?

According to sexologists, it is normal because men heat in a time 10 times shorter than women.

However, the good news is that there are little secrets that can turn you on for sex in just 5 minutes.

Train Your Kegel Muscles When You Stand Under The Shower

After a tiring and stressful day spent at work, the only thing you can think of is a good sleep. But, that is not done. Here’s how you can enhance your sex drive.

You need to have a five minute’s showers; take a refreshing shower with lukewarm water; let the water pampers your skin, while you are doing Kegel exercises.

This type of exercise trains your muscles especially those we use when controlling the flow of urine. They are responsible for sensations of pleasure that you feel during sex. The more you work these muscles, the faster must excite you.

Masturbate Before The Big Sex

The quickest and most direct way to get horny instantly is – masturbate! Whether one bedroom retreat or have it with your boyfriend. I can bet, no more than 5 minutes of touching and you will be ready for the action. This is a confirmed love escalator.

Ask Your Boyfriend To Tell You Three Sexy Things About You

The mood of a woman for having sex is directly correlated with how she feels about herself. Ask your lover for a few compliments. Ask him to tell you a few things that seem sexy to him.

According to experts, right after few minutes of this compliment trick, you begin to look with new eyes, and sex drive will take you on a surprise ride.

Do Yoga & Work on Your Abdominal Muscles

Now, this is something really amazing. Yoga can really improve your libido and can induce a state of arousal or orgasm. It depends on what exercises you do. It seems that those who work with abdominal muscles followed by yoga and hiking, get the better results. So, this can be a really quick reason for your subscription to the gym or for a go to the mountains!

Use A Fragrance With Aphrodisiac Fragrance

You can find especially at sex-shops, and if not, you can try online perfume stores. These fragrances contain aphrodisiac substances. They work really well and can help you in waking the sexual instincts.

Read Erotic Stories or Watch An Erotic Movie

Sometimes your sexual fantasies need a little warming-up. You can spend 5 minutes watching hot sex scene or reading a few pages with erotic content. So, let your imagination take shape and get you out of yours monotonous schedule.

Finally, if you feel that your lover puts too much pressure, convince him to try a few minutes of a period of self-discipline, in which you are allowed to flirt, but not to get into bed.