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Dear Brides! Overnight Beauty Treatments the Night Before Your Wedding
Dear Brides! Overnight Beauty Treatments the Night Before Your Wedding

Dear Brides! Overnight Beauty Treatments the Night Before Your Wedding



  1. Remain stress-free for a glowing skin.
  2. Most overnight treatments can be done at home.
  3. Smile – because that’s the most priceless ornament you can wear.

Don’t we all expect a spotless glowing skin, lustrous bouncy hair, and absolute flawlessness on our wedding day?

Being a bride makes you the one person who is the most vulnerable to unexpected skin and hair conditions just before the D-day. So, for all you future brides, we have come up with a list of overnight, safe-to-do beauty treatments that you can do (at home!). Try these and you can have that lethal combination of perfect skin and hair.

1. We all dread looking in the mirror and noticing a break-out or a zit forming and for a bride it is a complete horror.

The bad news is that most of the time, break-outs occur because of stress (which is but natural for a bride-to-be), but the good news is that it can be gotten rid of and Zinc is what comes to your rescue.

It is an anti-bacterial agent which can greatly help in reducing the appearance of anything and everything zit-like. If you can get hold of a sebum controller with zinc in it, it will dry out any pimple(s) overnight.

2. Let’s talk frizzy hair! Frizz happens, especially when your wedding happens to be at a place or time when there is no dearth of humidity.

But we have a solution to that as well – Apple Cider Vinegar. It is known to help smooth out the hair cuticles and the acidity in the vinegar makes your hair flatter as it seals the outermost layer of your hair.

Just combine half a cup of water with a tablespoon of ACV and use it as a last rinse.

3. Now for that desire of a summery glow on the D-Day, consider essential oils to be your best friends.

There are the likes of Lavender oil, Lemongrass oil, Tea Tree oil and even Carrot Seed oil that have been known to bring back the glow on your stressed-out face.

Not only can these oils be applied diluted on the face, but also, they are great stress busters when you breathe in the tranquility with the aroma of these oils.

4. Battling dry skin? Leave it to the coconut oil Gods!

Well, not really the Gods but coconut oil for sure. No matter what the skin condition is, chances are coconut oil is going to come to your skin’s rescue repair. In short, it is a skin softener and helps you do away with (excessively) dry skin.

It is an incredible magic potion that works wonders. Just sleep with coconut oil massaged gently on your face the night before and see amazing results the next morning.

Be careful though! If you have oily or combination skin, do not use it on those areas. It will only make them oilier.

5. It goes without saying that the most underrated beauty tip would be that of sleeping. Given the Indian wedding ceremonies that last all night long, as a bride, you have to ensure that you get your beauty sleep.

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And, not just the night before the wedding but at least the whole week of festivities. Do yourself a favor, allow yourself to have ample rest so that all the tiredness does not drain your energy and take that glow away from your face.

We understand that a little stress for the brides-to-be is only obvious. However, do not let it be so much that it takes over your excitement on the D-day. It will result in nothing but a not-so-good photographs because of not-so-good looking skin. Whatever it is, just don’t forget to smile!