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Nomophobia – How To Deal With Mobile Phone Addiction

How To Deal With Mobile Addiction
How To Deal With Mobile Addiction
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

According to a study, if you use your smartphone before bedtime, not only you are going to experience a poor sleep, but a poor performance at work, next day!

Mobile phone addiction can become dangerous for an individual when they start leaving important things aside because of the mobile phone. Today, we will talk about how to deal with mobile addiction. But before that let me share some shocking facts associated with mobile addiction.

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Shocking Facts of Mobile Addiction
  1. Mobile phone addiction or dependence on the mobile phone already has a name: nomophobia (no mobile-phone phobia). It is manifested by fear or anxiety that a person experience, after missing his phone at home or when his phone runs out of battery.
  2. In addition to nomophobia, specialists have identified another syndrome known as Ghost Phone Syndrome. In this syndrome, a user feels like he is having a call or his phone is vibrating. But, in reality, nothing is happening.
  3. 63% of smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 29 are simply sleeping with the phone in bed.
  4. Another study has shown that artificial light with blue reflexes emitted by these devices activates some neurosurgeons responsible for awakening, which delayed the state of somnolence.
  5. Keeping your smartphone or tablet in the sleeping room influences the quality of sleep because it prevents the production of melatonin; a sleep-inducing hormone. In short – poor sleep.

Let us talk about how to deal with mobile addiction.

1Stop chatting until late at night

It all starts when you put yourself in bed and open up your Facebook or WhatsApp just to have a look at what your friends have posted. Once you see something good or bad, you start expressing your views on the post. The conversation catches you and, without realizing it, it takes several hours of yours. Cognitive stimulation makes sleep so extinct. Then, even if you stop the conversation, the inner clock is already reset and sleep will only come later. As a result, the next day you will have less energy and a lower return on daily activities.

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2Replace mobile addiction with a book

If you’re not ready to sleep as soon as you go to the bedroom, take a book with you instead of the phone. The lamp does not emit a light as dangerous as emitted by mobile phones. Therefore, it causes no harm to your sleep or associated hormones. This is a great way to get rid of mobile addiction and reading a good book will be an addition to your knowledge, as well.

3Pay more attention to your partner

Mobile addiction is a prime reason behind the death of many relationships. There are couples, who instead of talking to his partner, prefer to spend time on mobile phone. However, instead of talking to a stranger on the Facebook, it is a million times better to hug your partner. It is definitely going to be more enjoyable. Unfortunately, internet connection is killing real-life connections. And, if you are really concerned about your relationships, leave the phone out of the bedroom.

4Disable app notifications

Ask yourself, what is the first thing you do, when you pull out your phone for no good reason? Of course, you deal with these notifications. So, if you can disable those notifications, I believe, you will be able to deal with your mobile addiction. No notification means no happening and no happening means no interaction.

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5Discard social media

I know it’s impossible! You are not on Facebook or WhatsApp; you do not exist, at least in the virtual environment. But if it seems impossible, try at least a week to stay away from them. I do not think, it is going to affect your job or social status in any way. Is it?

6Avoid social media groups

There is no fun in joining thousands of groups on Facebook or WhatsApp. I have seen people arguing over a useless topic. And these little arguments are capable enough of spoiling your inner peace. Moreover, multiple groups mean countless members with different mindsets and innumerable messages. If you lack emotional intelligence, avoiding an (online) argument is not going to be an easy task for you. At the end, this is going to spoil your entire social networking experience.

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7Switch off your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data

This is the best possible thing you can do to deal with mobile addiction. The moment you are ready to sleep, it is better to switch off your Wi-Fi or Mobile data. I have seen many people having their Wi-Fi router/modem in the bedroom. Well, if you really want to overcome your phone addition, then I would suggest you have it installed at a place other than your bedroom.

The crux is – Quitting an addiction is not an impossible task. In reality, it is nothing, but self-control. And, to do so, all you need is – willpower. I hope you agree?