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Dating Because There’s a Car or Because There’s Care

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Modern dating can really get on nerves.
  2. How to know if she's a keeper or just there for your money.
  3. Signs to know how much she's invested in you.

Take her out for dinner, invite her to the parties & movies, spoil her with those precious jewels and she’s all yours.

This is a normal scenario when you are courting any girl. However, just when you feel the relationship is stable and you don’t have to impress her by spending lavishly on her, things start getting to change. Just because you have stop spending on her, you can get to hear that you don’t care anymore which eventually leads to a breakup.

Men! beware of such girls, you never know they are with you for your car or they are genuinely invested in you. Modern dating can really get on nerves, but worry not! we are here to help. You can totally spoil your girl, along with that watch out for these signs to know whether she is really invested in you or your money!

Does she talk about her ambitions in life?

What are her long-term plans and short-term plans? what does she want to do in life? answers to these questions will tell a lot about herself. If she is an ambitious person, chances are she must have drawn towards you because of your ambitious personality and not your money! Women really find Men who works hard to get what he wants attractive.

Does she live with certain ethics and principles?

It is important to live with certain principles and moral values in life. The values inculcate in yourself or are grown up with makes you a person you are. Don’t have small talks with her, talk about some deep meaningful things in life, talk about her upbringing, her family and everything that has made her a person she is. This way, you’ll get an idea of her authenticity.

Does she like spending time with you doing nothing?

Sometimes, it is important to enjoy each other’s company in silence as well. Make random plans to spend a lazy afternoon with each other leaving behind all those concerts and date nights. See how comfortable you feel in the presence of each other when you don’t have anything to do. you can also cook a Sunday meal together followed by a cup of coffee! See if she enjoys such kinda day with you as well.

Does she get mad at you when you don’t bring her those expensive gifts?

You must have showered all your love on her with those expensive gifts. Now see whether she has got used to those gifts or your love. You can certainly skip on giving presents to her sometimes. Watch out her reactions. Lookout out for how she behaves when she’s expecting an expensive gift and doesn’t get one. If she gets mad at you for this reason, she’s not the one!

Just look at her face when you surprise her with a flower or a chocolate!

Flowers and chocolates though being the least expensive present, speaks the language of love like no other presents. Look at her face when you give her a flower. Is she blushing? can you see the spark in her eyes? If yes, she’s a keeper. Don’t let her ever go!

So now you know, whether you need to stay or just leave!