Data Vs. Atta (Flour) – What we really need; Data Plan or Atta (Flour) Plan?

Data Vs. Atta (Flour) - What we really need; Data Plan or Atta (Flour) Plan?
Data Vs. Atta (Flour) - What we really need; Data Plan or Atta (Flour) Plan?
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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2G, 3G, 4G and only God knows how many more G’s are yet to come, but it seems like, many of us are more concerned about Data than Atta (flour).

Recently a company launched its mobile sim with jaw-dropping internet plans, and I swear to God, I saw people lined up in the queue for that one piece of subscriber identity module (SIM) chip. Just to have a formal confirmation on my idea, I approached the guy, who was standing last in the line. “What are you up to dude? What is this line for?” I asked him with. “Don’t you read the newspaper. It was on the front page. You can have 1GB 4G data for a comparatively lower price than other providers. It is cheapest data plan bro. You are going to save a lot of money. And, yes! You must have a 4G compatible mobile phone for this,” he said it all in one breathe.

Well, neither I need 4G data and nor I have a 4G compatible mobile phone. So, I’d better get going. Moreover, there are lot more important things to do than standing in this queue of internet freaks for whom the only thing matters is Data and nothing else.

I was talking to me. I stepped out of that line and entered in a department store to buy some grocery for my family. Before asking them for a new credit, I wanted to make sure that I am done with my previous balance.

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I thought this time it going to be same as it was last month; won’t be crossing ₹3500 (month). But, once again I noticed another increase in the figures of that book; an increase of almost ₹300. Same was the case with my family budget book; be it electricity bills, water bills, vegetable bills, my daughter’s school fees, and her transportation cost; every freaking book was showing an increase.

A few ‘paisa’ hike in rupee value in comparison to the dollar is a matter of appreciation; this is going to add up a few more percentages in the economic growth figures. But, help me understand if we are really growing economically, then why I see no favorable change in my own budget books; not even a single dime’s decrease.

I do know that readers are going to say that blame previous governments for this situation of ours. But, let me remind you, in our democratic structure, we follow a voting system even in the Parliament. If one party was forming wrong policies, then what was opposition doing at that time?

I hope same is the case with million other inhabitants of this nation, but we are least bothered.

How and when this internet replaced our basic needs, I am still looking for an answer to it?

Allow me to draw your attention towards the report of “The State of Food Insecurity in the World, 2015,” 194.6 million people are undernourished in India, which makes India a home to a 25% undernourished people of the world. Every day 3000 children die because of poor diet related illness that includes 24% under-five deaths and 30% neonatal deaths. In the name of mid-day meals, we all know what our kid are made to eat.

All we had – endless and emotional speeches about “Poverty and Demolishing Poverty,” but help me understand how is this going to happen? I think, by demolishing poor, isn’t it?

When they won’t be able to afford any meal or good medical facilities, they are obviously going to die. How do you think a poor or a middle-class person can survive in a country where people can give up all their concerns about rising prices of basic commodities if they can have cheaper data plan?

Being a middle-class common man, I am really not concerned about GDP growth rates, NDP, Per Capita Income and other economic statistics. All I want is – affordable food, inexpensive medical treatments, a good infrastructure, and a nation free from corruption.

I believe, we all want this. Don’t we?

Believe it or not, those we think poverty line is changing, let me tell you, we have a corrupt poverty line. This line is not counting those 50% people who do not have a good shelter. We are still advertising and advising people to have toilets in their home.

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Our problems about water, electricity, education, medical facilities are the same as it used to be decades ago. Nearly 70% of our population is living in the areas prone to third-world diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria.

We are still fighting with the pre-independence concepts like untouchables, reservations, religious fanaticism, and so on. Nowadays, when I read about the budget, it is all about prices of TV, Cars, Mobile phones, Satellite television, and others. It is all about promoting international brands and private companies.

I am not against Technological advancement and I do understand that technological development is a must for all developing nations, but my concern is – at what price? Just to keep one section of the country happy, can we ignore others?

If the country is so dying for this inexpensive internet data plan, then how about these data plan through government structures? It will not only improve our domestic infrastructure, but will also be a direct income contributor. Just imagine, how many ways we can use the money collected this way for the betterment of our beloved country.

More of less, this fight between poor vs. rich is always going to be there. Should we not ask experts, how are they supposed to stabilize/regularize/supervise an economy on which they will have no control because they have already given that to private firms.