DandruffDo You Have Guts To Wear Black

Dandruff - Do You Have Guts To Wear Black
Dandruff - Do You Have Guts To Wear Black
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  1. How do you get rid of dandruff?
  2. How to choose the right shampoo?
  3. Relationship between stress and dandruff?

When you dress in dark colors, the biggest embarrassment you may have to face is – plenty of white shells and scalp on your shoulder; also known as dandruff.

Dandruff is the most common and banal disease of the scalp that hair stylists and barbers meet. Almost everyone faces this problem at some point in life.

If you ignore dandruff, will allow the formation of shells that cause itching. Scratching vigorously results in injury to the scalp favoring infections. It creates a vicious circle.

If you were faced with the problem of shells in hair, you know how hard it is to get rid of them. Find below a few tips on how to fight this disease that generates large complex in terms of personal image.

Shampoo Yourself Regularly

Experts recommend frequent washing of hair, even daily if necessary. It is believed that if you use shampoo more often, it is easier to keep under control dandruff. This one miraculous help known as shampoo is enough to prevent dandruff.

How To Choose The Right Shampoo

Shampoos with selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione act faster by slowing the multiplication of cells in the scalp. Shampoos with salicylic acid and sulfur help in scaling and removing the shells.

There are shampoos with antibacterial agents that reduce the number of bacteria populating the scalp and products with tar that delay cell development.

Use A Shampoo With Tar

It is recommended to use tar based shampoos. It is applied by rubbing a little to make foam and leave for 5-10 minutes. Do not rinse too fast. If tar shampoo or other anti-dandruff products are too harsh for everyday use, you can use your regular shampoo in alternation. In case, you have blond hair, my suggestion is – avoid tar shampoos because they discolor hair or give it a brown tint.

Apply Shampoo Twice

It is good if you can apply shampoo 2 times. The first time you shampoo in the shower as soon as you enter. Rinse thoroughly and when you prepare to leave the bathroom and quickly apply the 2nd time shampoo and rinse vigorously.

The idea is -2nd shampooing is going to leave little medicine on the scalp to act until the next wash.

During shampooing, it is good to rub the skinhead with fingers to loosen the shells large and small. But do not use your nails as not to hurt the scalp; in this case, it risks dandruff occur more abundant.

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Enjoy The Sun

If you have dandruff you can expose to the sun without a care. Ultraviolet light has a direct anti-inflammatory effect on the skin which peels. This is why dandruff is less abundant summer.

You must be careful not to stay too long in the sun or to create a balance between the beneficial effects of irritation head and the harmful effects it has on the skin in general.

The duration of sun exposure recommended by dermatologists is about 30 minutes provided using skin creams with sunscreen for the body.

Get Rid of Stress

Dandruff or other forms of dermatitis occur more frequently or worsen during intense negative emotions. If you feel that stress is overwhelming you, look for ways to relax, do exercise, try to even consult a psychologist.

Even, if shampoos are quite effective for skinhead they can be too harsh for par. Sometimes shampoo may be the problem, not the solution. You can make an allergic reaction to chemicals in shampoo or hair dye.

After each shampooing, it is better to use a balm for unwanted effects of aggressive anti-dandruff products. Peeling skinhead may have different causes.

The doctor may prescribe an antifungal form of shampoo or cream. Along with this medication, a cream with steroids can also be applied to the scalp as it can reduce scaling.