Crying : why is it so important & how often you cry?

Crying : why is it so important?
Crying : why is it so important?
Kumar Sunil

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How often do you cry? We have a lot of discussions about why one should give up on useless crying. But, do you know that crying sometimes is also good.

It not only offers a psychological comfort, but also good for health. Do you know, according to a study published, tears in your life indicates that something important is happening. Crying, whereas is an undoubted an act of courage and a method of liberation, is also a revelation of many buried emotions, thoughts, and pain.

Psychological experts recommend us cry in moments loaded with difficulties or sadness. But, in many civilizations, crying is still considered an act of helplessness and cowardliness; especially in the cases, when a man cries. Well, it is sad, but true that many people do not understand the importance of crying.

This kind of emotional release is a “necessity” and one should not keep it inside. Yes! You do not need to hide or repress these and you should keep releasing these outbursts from time to time.

Let me tell you, crying is therapeutic and beneficial event that allows you to free yourself of all the things on your mind and your soul. It is true. Believe me or not, the fact is that no one learns much about emotional problems.

There are hotels like Mitsui Garden Yotsuya in Tokyo where people stay for one night only to weep and mourn. We live in a culture where emotions are often restricted that you ought not to manifest in an “exaggerated” joy or sadness.

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We know that there are many civilizations that are known for their strict requirements regarding professional ethics, social norms, and family strictness. All this can create severe state of anxiety and stress and most of us do not know how to cope with these.

Because of these kinds of hotels, anyone can book a room and can give vent to emotions. These hotel rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, handkerchiefs, relaxing baths, music and movies that guests can use to feel better. The rooms are soundproofed and total discretion is assured.

Well, you need this sort of environment; only an emotional outburst can help you with a better sleep and, once everything is out, you can get up the next day full of energy, quiet, prepared to make some necessary changes or to reorient your life in the right direction.

We humans have many instinctive behaviors that bind us to others. It is always better to cry in front of other people. In turn, crying is an act that connects people and warns them that there is an irregularity.

Although many people prefer to cry in private because they are embarrassed or do not want to attract attention, but experts say it is best to do this in the presence of some you really love. Only then can you really feel liberated. In addition, you can enjoy the comfort of hugs and advice from that person dear.

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However, sometimes it is not that simple. You may be afraid or have no person that you can trust to console you. Either way, crying is a manifestation necessary from time to time, which characterizes us as people.

If you always try to refrain from crying, negative emotions will continue to accumulate in your soul. Make peace with your grief, gives voice sighs, let your voice trembling with every spasm and then sighs loudly as you can.

Finally, your life will take on a different color. The brain will become more relaxed and you will be much easier to make good decisions.