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Cruelest & Useless Question - What's Your Resolution For This Year?
Cruelest & Useless Question - What's Your Resolution For This Year?

Cruelest & Useless Question – What’s Your Resolution For This Year?

Kumar Sunil

Kumar Sunil

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  1. It can be most cruelest and useless question.
  2. You don't need a resolution to change, but determination.
  3. Change yourself and everything will change.

New year’s eve and I have seen a lot of people talking about having a resolution. Be it their Facebook wall, twitter account, or other social media profiles, everyone was busy updating their statuses.

It was midnight, 31 December. Being a little weird kinda personality, who hate parties and all; I was sitting in my apartment. My apartment is in the central business district; a completely surrounded with pubs and discs. I was about to sleep and suddenly I heard,“Ten, nine, eight, seven.”

It was a countdown to the new year. “Crazy people.” I smiled at them. They were celebrating like this is going to be the last year of the planet. And, at 12.01 AM, I received a message, “happy new year. What’s your resolution for this year?”

I was looking at the phone. I replied, “I don’t need resolutions to change me, I am perfect.” And, a smiley in the end.

I was wondering at the idea of resolution. The person who first came with this idea of having a resolution on the first day of the year must be a strong believer of procrastination. Instead of doing things when required, he must be in favor of postponing it until January 1st.

I was thinking, what the hell these people are screaming for? It is only about a change in a date, time and year. And, there is nothing new in it. It changed a year ago and it is again going to change after this year. So, what’s the big deal? Why the world is so mad about this one little change; a change that they have no control on.

Aren’t we confusing it? We are actually confusing the idea of having resolutions and implementing those in real. Every year we have the same kind of oath of amending ourselves. At the end of every year, we renew the same oath, but with different terms and conditions.

We are not changing ourselves. People send a lot messages about the new year and wish their beloveds a year of prosperity, happiness, and health. I believe these messages are nothing, but a joke. For an example, do you see any use of such health wishes to a drunkard, who is not ready for giving up his habits of drinking alcohol?

People say new year is a time of forgiving people, forgetting grudges, moving forward, restarting life, and bring change in your life. Psychologically, to do all these things we need an opportunity.

It is easy to forgive and forget when there is a celebration around. In simpler terms, it is not about the particular event, but the ambiance and you can create that sort of atmosphere anytime; don’t you?

It is all up there, in your brain and you don’t need to wait for a reason or an event to make things happen. Watch closely, if you can. These sorts of celebrations are nothing, but a way of promoting consumerism.

All media generated hype to sell the useless, but fancy looking things. A lot of money is flushed into the market. Happy new year is not going to bring any happiness unless you change your philosophy of living and seeing things. And, to change that you don’t need a particular evening.

People take the resolution of quitting alcohol while holding the glasses of alcohol. After all, it is new year mate and let us put all the changes on hold until next morning.