Criticism Happy People Do Not Gossip & Stop Worrying About Sad Souls

Criticism - Happy People Do Not Gossip & Stop Worrying About Sad Souls
Criticism - Happy People Do Not Gossip & Stop Worrying About Sad Souls
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Instead, let yourself affected by the criticism of others, take care of your own personal development and keep improving the environment in which you live. Because if you are fully committed about self-improvement or improving your own people, you will have no time left for criticizing others. In life, few things are more tedious than listening to someone who constantly criticizes others. Not only that it forces you to swim in a lake of negative behaviors, but also gives you a sick feeling. The things these gossipers say and do will totally drain you.

When you find yourself in this situation, you have two options: to get away from these people and try to help them. And, there is no evidence of emotional weakness greater than the attitude of those who dedicate their time criticizing bystanders. You have to defend your soul from all such nonconstructive criticisms. The opinions of others about you is their reality, not yours. But, swallowing truth is very tough and not an easy thing to do. These gossipers, most of them don’t even know you properly and has nothing to do with the story of your life. Nor they have ever lived in your skin and neither they have ever stepped in your shoe. All they know about you is – what you said or what you assumed regardless of the time you might be going through or the angels and demons you might be fighting with.

Some people, whether or without the malefic intentions of criticism, express their opinions in any situation, even if they are not asked to do so. The purpose of these critics is to harm and to patronize another person and to enjoy her concern. These kinds of people have very low self-esteem. Instead, judging themselves, they start judging others. Therefore, they start judging and labeling other and this quality of these people actually reflect what they really feel and how they transfer their own emotional shortcomings to others.

Although we think we can guess other people’s thoughts, but it is not true. It is quite hard to understand what is going in your mind, and what is running through your heart. Therefore, you should not worry much about what other has to say about you or what they actually say. You should allow these kinds of people with a free flight and let them happily fly in the sky of their own imaginary realities about you, which they might have created in their own minds.

“The most unhappy people in this world are those overly concerned about what others think of them.”

Do not let the criticism of those around you break you down. Do not worry about the stones they might be throwing at you, instead, use every stone in building your own strength. If you think constantly to criticism of others, you are compromising your own welfare and emotional balance. Therefore, it is better to dedicate your time on personal development and on improving the environment in which you live.

Your job is not to judge others or be judged, but you correct your mistakes until you reach a high-level of a good soul. If you concentrate on self only, you will have much time to gain – honesty, respect, modesty, generosity, and honor. It is correct that no one can be perfect, but at least we can always tend toward self-improvement. This way you can live your life without being blackmailed or dependent on others emotionally. “Do not look at others for what they do or do not do. Be careful what you do or have ceased to do,” said Buddha.

Now, the question is how to fix the damage caused by criticism of others? Do not try to please others because if you do, you will pay with your own identity, which is not good. Are you a good man? Do you have a successful career? Are you smart? Are you not making happy those around you? You have to realize how much energy you lose thinking about what others think about you. Although it may often feel that all eyes are on you, the truth is that it does not matter too much what you do or not do. People think less of you than you think. Whatever you do, regardless of the way you do, there is someone sitting behind to misinterpret your actions. Try to live and to behave as you think fit. Be natural and remember that the only way to be in harmony with yourself is to do what you feel every moment.

“Do not expect people around you to understand your way, especially if they have never been to your place.”