Simple Tricks To Keep Your Back Straight

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Have you ever noticed that for all those hours we are not sleeping, we are either staring our computer screens or phones, reading something in a head down position, watching television. And, the final result is – back pain. So, how to keep your back straight?

Correct Sitting Posture – Simple Tricks To Help You Keep Your Back Straight

If you work in the office and spend at least eight hours a day sitting, then you are at a higher risk of back pain due to you incorrect sitting posture. However, here are few tricks that will help you keep your back straight and have a better position.

Choose correct shoulder bag

Are you the one who has to wear his same shoulder bag every day? Do you know, doing this is not only changing the center of your body’s gravity but also causing muscle pain and back pain? The solution is to choose a bag that is worn diagonally across shoulders to distribute the weight.

Use a table for laptop

Do you spend a lot of time on your laptop? And, you always lean on your laptop when you sit at your desk? Then, it is time to invest on a laptop table. You must understand the importance of looking straight when working on a computer.

Under all circumstances, you need to avoid the tendency of leaning forward because this can serious cause back pain and posture.

Remember ears’ position

Have you ever noticed your posture, when you write on your phone? Generally, our head is bent, and the back is curved because when you type, you lean on the phone.

A simple trick that can save you from leaning on the phone so much; keep your ears aligned with your shoulders. This way you can remove the pressure from the neck.

Do not sit cross-legged

Never sit cross-legged; another simple trick that will help keep your spine straight, when sitting at your desk. You need to make sure that your shoulders are always aligned with the hips.

This means you are not supposed to sit cross-legged and feet be flat on the floor. Initially, it is going to be difficult for you at first, but once you get to develop a habit of this, you will not sit with your legs crossed; hence, no spine pain.

Raise your seat

If you sit at your desk all day, do check closely, in case you are sitting on a chair that is too low.

To check this, make sure that your arms are forming a 90 degree’s angle at the elbow when typing. If not forming an angle of 90 degrees, raise your seat to avoid pressure on the back muscles.

Sinking on chair

When you feel that you are sinking more and more into your seat and it is becoming hard for you to keep your shoulders straight, do a simple exercise.

Stand up. Take your left hand and pull it to the right side of the head that left ear lies against the shoulder.

Wait for 30 seconds, then repeat for the other side. You should try this exercise twice a day to relieve tension in the neck and back.

I hope these tips are going to offer you a good amount of help. Do you have any more, please share in the comment section below.