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Corner Seat Lovers or Friends With Benefits?
Corner Seat Lovers or Friends With Benefits?

Corner Seat Lovers or Friends With Benefits?


Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Corner seat lovers and friends with benefits; I barely see any difference between these two types of couples. To be frank, these corner seat lovers are actually on a dark room date, where they want to cuddle and kiss each other without being noticed. And, this is why I believe, instead calling them lovers, one should label them as friends with benefits.

This is a question asked by one of our reader. “Are these corner seat lovers are serious couples or they are just after some hugs, kisses, and bedroom secrets like friends with benefits?”

Well, I would like to start by saying that – 98% of these corner seat lovers have nothing to do with serious r long-term relationships.

We must understand that they are not together because they are in love, but lust. Before I prove this, I would like to share my views on love. These kinda corner seat lovers don’t know the difference between love and lust and that is why I see them as friends with benefits.

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1What is love?

I believe love is a “sense of fulfillment.” Love happens when it is unconditional and you don’t expect anything in return.

Let me break it for you.

Would you be able to share a joke, when you are sad? I highly doubt unless you are a joker. I mean if you aren’t happy, then spreading happiness could be the toughest task for you.

Same is the case with love. You can only love someone, once you have enough to give and that is possible only when you are not looking for something in return. If you are hoping a kiss after buying a Baskin Robins ice-cream, you are not in love but business. However, I am not against the kiss. But, the point is – you should not demand or expect one.

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2Now! Here is why do I think that these kinda couples have nothing to do with love.

For these kinda couples love is all about feelings, emotions, sensations, and pleasures.

Do I really need to tell this that love never dies, whereas, feeling, sensations, emotions, and pleasures; they all have an end. After a certain amount of time, these all are going to fade.

Don’t believe me? Here is another example. Think about the day, when you bought your first motorbike?

“Yeah! I bought a bike. I love my bike.” How safely you used to drive for first few weeks? How painful was it, when you had the first scratch on it? And, what was your attitude for that bike after a few months of purchase? You won’t be experiencing the same amount of feelings, sensations, emotions and pleasures from your bike.”

However, think about losing someone you really loved; like your grandparents. Every discussion that revolves around them, is going to make you feel the same thing, even after years and decades. That is Love.

Same is true with relationships, especially with the kind of relationships shared by these corner seat lovers. After the breakup, they start cursing, degrading, and defaming their ex-partner. And, the funniest part is – they are talking shit about the same person, who used to be a reason to live a few months ago. How can you hate someone you loved?

So, if you think love is all about feelings, sensations, emotions, and pleasures, you are gravely mistaken.

3Is it all about satisfying personal motives?

Definitely! It is all about satisfying personal motives.

Watch closely. You will see these partner exchanging festivals running successfully without any seasonal or geographical break.

A number of times, you must have noticed the same boy with multiple girls or the same girl with multiple boys.

There are cases where you will see one girl dating multiple boys or vice-versa at the same time. I don’t see any love here. It is like satisfying personal motives. “Mr. A was not buying me a five-star hotel’s dinner, so, I replaced him with Mr. B.”

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These corner seat lovers purposely choose corner seats because they are looking for a chance to put their feelings, sensations, pleasures, and emotions into practice.

You must have seen their kissing and hugging sessions. If you ever had an unpleasant encounter with one of these corner seat lovers, you know what I am talking about.

Couples who are positive about the fate of their relationship, they prefer to sit and talk in public. They don’t try to hide them behind curtains and aisles. They are bold enough to tell people that, “Yes! We are in a long-term relationship. Whereas, people with selfish motives and uncertainties in their brains, they prefer isolated gardens and cinema halls.

4People say attachment is love. Is it true?

No. I disagree.

I see them holding hands like they are never going to separate. They call it an attachment. In reality, it is not attachment, but a fear of losing someone.

“If I am not sending a message to my girlfriend in the lunch, she is going to upset.” A very common statement. Isn’t it? And, next thing she is going to ask me is – “Where was I?”

Yes! We want to track every moment of our partner because we live in fears and doubts. And, these two are a by-product of distrust.

Breaking this attachment means losing them. We live in a continuous fear of losing someone. And, trust me, if there is a fear of losing someone, there is no question of love.

In these kinda relationships, there are countless uncertainties. Regardless of the fate of their relationship, these corner seat lovers want to enjoy the present.

I strongly object, if you think a relationship that is full of fears, personal motives, and useless conditions has anything to do with love. It can be anything, but not love.

That’s why, I say, these corner seat lovers are nothing, but friends with benefits. They are just satisfying their sensational, emotional, physical, and financial needs. And, they remain in that relationship, as long as, things are in their favor.