Benefits of Drinking Whiskey – A Whiskey A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Benefits of Drinking Whiskey - A Whiskey A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Benefits of Drinking Whiskey - A Whiskey A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
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  1. Whiskey not only understands, it cures as well.
  2. Whiskey contains powerful antioxidants.
  3. Check out the 7 surprising benefits.

I like my whiskey more than anything else in this world. It is always there whenever I need it and never asks any silly questions or judges me. It always understands me!

Looks like Whiskey cures everything and what it cannot cure, has sadly no cure! It is “Water of life” in the true sense. Too exaggerated right? Well, part of it is true. Although excess consumption is harmful, Whiskey is supposedly the healthiest form of alcohol and there are many health benefits of drinking whiskey.

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Mainly because it is grain derived and high in ellagic acid content which is a powerful antioxidant. Also, it is low in contents like carbohydrates, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

According to a research, 1.5-oz serving of Whiskey has no fat and contains the only 0.04g of carbohydrates. So, take a sip of your favorite drink and enjoy reading these surprising benefits:

1Aids in your weight loss journey

Ladies and Gentlemen! trying to shred those extra pounds? it’s time to add Whiskey to your diet chart. Since it is low in fat and cholesterol, you can always opt for Whiskey over any other drink.

2Improves memory

This is one among other amazing health benefits of drinking whiskey.  When consumed in the moderate amount, it helps in memory boost as well! Due to its antioxidant properties and ethanol content, Whiskey improves blood flow to the brain which not only improves brain health but also improves the memory. Having said this, it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

3Treats cold and soothes a sore throat

You must have tried so many home remedies till now for curing a common cold or a sore throat. After reading this, you’ll have one more reason to make that glass of your favorite drink.

Yes! Whiskey acts as a decongestant curing a common cold and the sore throat can be best treated by mixing it with warm water and honey. Isn’t this the best way to treat yourself?

4Helps in better digestion

Yes, it’s a true thing! Whiskey when taken along with your dinner, helps you in a better digestion of food. Moreover, it also curbs your appetite preventing you from overeating.

If not dinner, you have it after dinner as well! Try it next time. However, remember, it needs to be consumed in a moderate amount.

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5Keeps the heart strong

As the body grows older, the system becomes more fragile. Whiskey keeps the cardiovascular system strong, removes cholesterol from the blood vessels and reduces the risk of obstruction. This makes the heart strong leaving a little or no chance for heart strokes.

6Fights cancer

Since Whiskey is high in ellagic acid, the antioxidant prevents the body’s DNA from coming in contact with any form of carcinogens. Wine also contains antioxidants but a single malt whiskey contains more antioxidants than a red wine. So cheers to this!

7Lowers stress

Whiskey is supposedly best to get you stress-free due to its nerve calming property. Studies have proven that it lengthens your life as well since the oxidants support the immune system strongly.

This make sense right? Less Stress = Long Life!