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Contraceptive Pills - Birth Control Pills & Its Ill-Effects
Contraceptive Pills - Birth Control Pills & Its Ill-Effects

Contraceptive Pills – Birth Control Pills & Its Ill-Effects



  1. It can affect memory to an extent.
  2. Possible weight gain or fluid retention.
  3. Breast swelling or tenderness.
  4. Nausea or upset stomach.

Birth control pills have a wide range of effects on the body of a woman.

Regarding new generation birth control pills, they are made with synthetic progesterone. Thus, most of the new generation contraceptive pills cause no harmful effects as compared to those that were brought by these pills 10-15 years ago, such as weight gain or damage to the ovaries.

However, even these new generation pills are not completely devoid of unexpected effects. A series of tests proved that recent contraceptive pills affect women memory.

Experts say that women who use these pills tend to remember aspects of an incident in a different way from those women who do not use these contraception pills, say experts.

Birth control pill involves reducing levels of estrogen and progesterone to prevent a possible pregnancy, but these hormones have a direct connection with women’s ability to remember the events chronologically.

Feeling mild nausea at the beginning of treatment of the pill is very common. However, these symptoms disappear quickly. If they do not, or if nausea becomes severe or persistent, experts recommend that you go to the gynecologist immediately.

The pill can cause breast size to increase and become more sensitive to contact, especially during the first few weeks of taking the pill. Reducing caffeine and salt intake may decrease this sensitivity. If this hyperesthesia does not stop, experts recommend going to your usual gynecologist.

It is common for many women to experience mild headaches during the first few weeks of treatment; but, if it does not stop, experts recommend going to your usual gynecologist to solve this problem.

Despite the failure of clinical studies to reveal that birth control pills cause weight fluctuations, the clearest evidence is that some women experience, especially, fluid retention, especially in the areas of breasts and hips, which Leads to an increase in body weight.

If you have a history of depression or any of your family member has suffered; it is an important point to consult with the gynecologist before having these pills. In few cases, women experienced depression or other negative emotional changes when taking the pill.

It is proven that the pill can affect sexual desire because of the same hormones that are responsible for blocking the possibility of pregnancy. However, there are also other external factors that can cause a decrease in libido. However, if this situation continues, experts recommend going to the gynecologist.

Some women may experience changes in vaginal discharge that can range from a general increase to decreased vaginal lubrication during intercourse or intercourse. If this situation persists, experts recommend going to the gynecologist to rule out possible infections.

One of the side effects most common of contraceptive pills is that it can lead to vaginal bleeding between periods. According to the studies, this breakthrough spotting is experienced by about 50% of women during the first three months of use. After this time, the percentage of women suffering from this side effect is reduced to 10%.

If you experience more than 5 days of bleeding while taking the pill it is recommended to go to the gynecologist.