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Confession Time - Why It's Not Good To Marry A Sexy Looking Guy
Confession Time - Why It's Not Good To Marry A Sexy Looking Guy

Confession Time Why It’s Not Good To Marry A Good Looking Guy

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Marry an Ugly Man & You’ll Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life?

Meet Esther from Richmond, Melbourne – Australia.

She used to be a girl of dreams. Like every other girl since childhood, she used to live in a bubble of being picked by a Prince Charming. But, when reality busted her balloon, she sent us this confession. If you are someone like her, who is rejecting marriage proposal because of facial appearance, then this is for; you must analyze your option. You should not marry a good looking guy.

I know, be it a woman or man unless there is not attraction, forming a relationship seems like a joke. After all, who don’t want a good looking partner. However, we cannot deny from the people who form a relationship on the basis of facial appearances, they suffer. Appearance is not everything. Here are few reasons why you should not marry a sexy guy.

Beauty is Fleeting

Yes, it looks so good now – perfect hair, athletic body, bright eyes and a charming smile. But if those are the only reasons you love, definitely not want him to marry.

In 10 years, these qualities will deteriorate. It would be appropriate to focus on a way or to be if you want to live happily ever after.

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Battle Mirror

At first, it is going to make you look cuter. Seeing him every time in front of the mirror, you are going to love it. But, after some time it might become annoying.

This happens in my case. Dressing up seems his top most priority and I have seen him shouting if interrupted. Every single time, he used to post dozens of selfies on social networking sites. God! It is so damn annoying thing.

Turn Heads & Other Women

I made a mistake of choosing a sexy guy as a life partner. I know, it is my problem or I would say my own insecurities, but I feel jealous whenever I see other girls looking at him. After all, he is a man, and he is supposed to slip.

I know, maybe I can control a few moments of my husband, but you will not be able to master every woman who stared after him. So, get ready to feel jealous, in case you are marrying a sexy guy.

The Challenge of Keeping Up With Him

Ladies! We must realize: a man may barely need a salon for grooming and he can look good without even an ounce of effort. So, you may have to try harder than him so you can keep up, and this will become tiresome throughout the relationship. Might be my insecurities again, but this is true.

The Higher Infidelity Chance 

If he is a good looking man, he is a man with high testosterone as a result of his attractiveness. Testosterone is a kind of fuel for muscle mass, his deep voice, and confidence that exudes. One study shows that high testosterone level is closely related to the tendency for men to cheat. Even if you grant full trust, it will have difficulty breaking through the women they want.

Divorce Can Be Just A Step Away

After all, reasons that can bring tension between you and your perfect husband, it is likely that divorce does represent a way out. Besides this, a study shows that 43% of men with high testosterone levels are more likely to consider divorce. One reason could be that self-confidence that has made him think that it is very easy to replace.

Testosterone helps not only to have a full body muscle, suave voice or self-confidence, it is a boost for temperament as well. According to studies, a man with a choleric tends, make decisions on the rush, and the worst is that it can tend to hit their partner.

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It is not that all good looking man are scumbags, but most of them are. And, in my case, even after having a divorce, I am still regretting. I should have listened to my father’s advice of not marrying someone for his facial appearance. There are another lot more important things in the life. At the end, it is all about a secure journey; secure in every manner, be it financially, emotionally, physically and mentally.

It is better to be alone than being with someone who makes you feel alone.