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Confession – The Cost That I Paid For Turning 18 Again
Confession – The Cost That I Paid For Turning 18 Again

Confession – The Cost That I Paid For Turning 18 Again

Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.


I put my phone back on the charger. I was so excited. Fifteen long years, and I have never been to a date.

After our mutual separation, I was all alone and the only purpose of my life was – nurturing my autistic son. My happiness was long gone and in these last fifteen years, I had never touched my makeup kit. I was confused, whether I am making the right move or not? I was so broken inside and this time, I really wanted to listen to the rhymes of my heart. I really wanted to go on a date. After a long time, I was turning 18 again.

I called up my beautician; “hello, can I book an appointment for this Thursday evening? I am looking for bridal waxing; complete body and down there too.” “Of course, you can,” the man on the other side replied.

In between, I had a message – “hope you are busy buying me a dream girl for tomorrow’s date?” It was him; the reason behind my excitation. “I just had completed my bridal waxing session, and my next stop is (preferred not to name) Shopping Mall,” I replied.

This was becoming really awesome because none of us had ever seen each other; not even a display picture. We decided not to share any pictures until we meet each other in person. I don’t know what his reason was, but mine was – not losing the date. I was of 33 that time. It was my journey as a single parent that gave me a few extra pound and face wrinkles.

Anyhow, Thursday was the day and I was as thrilled as on my wedding day. My steps were faster than ever and bigger than ever. I was worried about my son too. I wanted to reach home as quickly as I can. But, at the same time, I was expecting to crack a good deal. After all, I wanted to look good; the first impression is the last impression, they said.

Escalators were not working, so I jumped into the lift. Gosh! I had the most unpleasant encounter of life; I accidentally bumped into my ex-husband. The moment I stepped in the lift, I noticed, a man with an ugly looking beard and dirty hands, turned his back on me and it was really insulting.

I sensed him and my ex-husband (I prefer to call him ex that time, though we were not legally divorced) laughing at me. They were laughing at me like they have seen someone from the mars. Without uttering a word, I behaved like a complete like a stranger.

I bought the dress and I was on my way. While I was in the parking area, I noticed I reached home and my son was sitting next to the window. The moment I opened the door, he hugged me like an infant. This brought tears to my eyes. My restlessness about my date was all gone. How can I be so selfish? I left my unwell kid alone. (A deep sigh).

My son handed over me a letter. It was court notice. My husband was seeking a divorce. I put that letter in a drawer and the next moment, I was busy making supper. After putting my son to sleep, I booked a nanny for the next day. I don’t want to leave my son alone. Actually, I never leave him alone, but that day, no nanny was available.

I plugged in my laptop and on seeing him online, I sent him a message. “How was your day?” Not seeing him answering, I logged on to Instagram; was checking some hairstyles. After a few minutes, he replied, “as usual.” We had a long chat and it was already 12 in the midnight. “I think we should go to sleep now, let us meet tomorrow,” he suggested and I agreed.

Next morning, we met in a motel. He was a youngster; probably in his early 30s. I was feeling like, I have seen him somewhere. After having an hour-long discussion, we went to a room and we had sex. Oh my God! I had sex after a long time; it was awesome and wild. I was feeling like 18 again.

After three hours; it was time to say goodbye. The moment I came out of the washroom, I saw him checking something on his mobile phone. I was scared; what if he had recorded me. “What are you doing? Hope you have not recorded me. Lolz. “I am not using a smartphone dear, so by no means, I can record you,” he replied. We kissed each other and moved on. “I was 18 again.”

After a long time, I was listening to Celine Dion – “my heart will go on.” I was feeling like a sparrow, flying in the sky without any limits. I was so happy. In my heart, I was thinking my new partner for giving me such a wonderful time. He literally dragged me out of that pain. I was already planning my next meets. After that, we had several meetings and enjoyed a good time. He also helped me with money sometimes.

One day, when I reached home, I saw something in the postbox. It was a court notice again. This time, I was all set for a reply. I rang my lawyer to sort out things. 10 November was the hearing date. I spoke about this with my new partner and I requested him to be with me at the hearing. He agreed.

As a legal procedure, my husband’s lawyer presented the case – “seeking a divorce without paying any alimony.” To my husband’s claims, my lawyer said – “my client is ready for divorce, but she seeks maintenance. After the mutual separation, it was my client who looked after the mentally unwell child of this couple.”

Next was my husband lawyer’s turn. For not paying any alimony, he labeled me as a characterless woman, sleeping with strangers. He asked my new partner to step in the witness box. He confessed that I slept with her for money. As an evidence, he showed hotel bookings, pictures, videos, and also his bank statement.

While he was talking, I was trying to console myself. I trusted him more than anything else. He ditched me. I was right with my doubts; he recorded me. I had intuitions of seeing him before. Now, I remember where I saw him – in the lift right next to my husband; the man who turned his back to me. That same ugly looking man with dirty hands.

Everything was making sense to me. It was all planned. He was planted by my husband. As expected, the verdict of the court was against me. It was in the favor of my husband; divorce was sanctioned and my husband was free from paying any maintenance. His lawyer proved me an adulterous wife.

Despite my lawyer’s claims about my unwell son, the court said, “as I am a well-educated lady, I can earn the livelihood, therefore, no case of maintenance support. This is how I paid a huge price for turning 18 again.

I am all alone now. I don’t know about the legal proceedings. But, one thing I know – twice in my life, I trusted wrong men.