Confession – Success Story of My Cousin With A Dating Website

Photo Credit: romrodinka / Bigstockphoto

I Say “Curiosity Killed the Cat” rephrased as “Curiosity Kept the Cat Alive” – A Mesmerizing Tale of Dating

How many of us believe that idiom which goes like, “Curiosity killed the cat”, is not always true? At least, I do because sometime this curiosity keeps our enthusiasm on high heels. To espouse my points, I would rather prefer to state a story of my cousin and his beloved Asian wife, which started with a casual meeting at a dating website and believe me, you will find this whole story as a script written for Mamma Mia! (A Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan movie released in 2008)

“My cousin is a pickup artist, I must say; he is a marine officer who whenever shoots, shoots to kill and leave no chance for his prey to escape.

He can bet on befriending any girl in the pub or a bar and amazingly this lucky man never tasted defeat. But, after meeting ‘Sheetal’ through a dating website, I have seen a huge transformation in him; I should say a healthy transformation.

We both share many secrets of life, so we did this time; he told me that he is talking to an Indian girl, Sheetal over the internet. He is now an active member of a dating website and since last few weeks and I was like wow! That sounds amazing.

Oh! By the way, Sheetal s a dentist and practicing in one of the well-known hospitals in Singapore and her father is running a restaurant business. Why I am telling this is because most of the people think Indian people are economically unwell.

Those were the days of Yahoo Webcam Chat; awesome days. I still remember spending hours on yahoo chat. But, never had luck. Duh!

Coming back to my brother’s story.

Even I too wanted to see her and one fine morning my cousin asked her to come online for a face-to-face chat. Experiencing butterflies in the stomach; right on time she came online and we were hell curious to see her face. We accepted the webcam invitation and guess what, “she switched off the cam”, and next message in IM window was, “sorry, my mother is here. That was little weird for us.”

Our curiosity was climbing and for the next few days as she refused to make an appearance because her mother said so. But this sounds me something fishy; I mean dating someone just by looking at mere photographs was a completely crazy and insane stuff for me.

After few days, “Sheetal’s dad rang my buddy; he invited him to visit them in Singapore.” My cousin was in complete shock. I have never seen him so desperate in my life. Do not know what was it, but I was of one thing – this PUA is now a slave.

We had a long discussion about whether to go or no. I was obviously concerned about my brother’s security. You know there are cases of abduction and all. A hell lot of crazy things were going in my mind. I tried my level best to convenience him on canceling his trip. But, he was not ready. After a lot of altercations, we finally booked our tickets.

Finally, we were at Sheetal’s place. First time in my life I believed that “curiosity kept the cat alive.” We reached their home, for the first time these two love birds saw each other. “Oh my goodness, she is hell so pretty”, I was whispering this in Polish to my cousin.

Later, her parents agreed upon this bonding and Mr. Perfect met his Miss Perfect. On an auspicious day, the couple was blessed as a perfect duo.

How did you do it, brother? This was our topic when we left Singapore for Australia. And, my brother told me a few secrets of having success online. He told me – be real and honest. Indian girls don’t like people who fake things because if you can cheat on your identity, you can cheat on any possible thing.

Also, not only you need to study their culture, but you need to respect their beliefs. It is okay if you are not comfortable with their food, but Asians are very much concerned about their religious beliefs.

For an Asian girl, dignity is the most important thing and at any cost, you should not try to hit on her self-respect. Their culture is a bit different.

They are submissive and sometimes introverts as well. Many of them are not in favor of discos and other teen craps. From very small age, they are nurtured like they are going to be a homemaker.

I must say, if you are after a long term relationship with an interracial girl, do your homework. Respect their culture and beliefs, never fake things, and show some courtesy.