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Completely False Myths About Female Orgasm
Completely False Myths About Female Orgasm

Completely False Myths About Female Orgasm


The female orgasm is often shrouded in mystery, so it is no surprise that there are so many opinions about how you can get it.

Google it, there is endless information about female orgasm and no wonder most of the results you will find are going to be male-centered information. First, you should not believe everything you see in movies. Even if you consider yourself an expert in getting an orgasm, it is quite possible that you might know these things about orgasm.

When You Have Sex, You Have An Orgasm

Somehow, over time, it became important that both partners have an orgasm every time they have sex. But, this expectation is completely erroneous. For most women, this is not realistic. Only a third of women have regular orgasms. According to a survey conducted among women, there are days when they are too tired, stressed or distracted to have an orgasm.

Vaginal Sex is The Best Way To Have An Orgasm

Apparently, this is not true. Most women do not have an orgasm only through vaginal penetration, according to several studies. A third of women reach this time only if has another incentive, for example, mouth. In addition to vaginal penetration, they need the stimulation of the sensitive zones using hands to have an orgasm.

Explosive Orgasm is Mandatory

Orgasm can be really intense, but at the same time can also be subtle. According to several types of research, some women do not feel the pelvic muscles’ contraction during orgasm, but feel relaxed. For every female this time is different, so the explosive reaction is not mandatory.

Orgasm is A Physical Phenomenon And Not Mental

For many women, orgasm means both physical and mental satisfaction. In other words, your partner may try to stimulate you, but if you think of something else you will not get to that point. If you’re too stressed or not feeling well, this will influence your sexual response and therefore you will not feel very well. So, orgasm not only requires physical participation, but mental presence as well.

Something Wrong If You Fail To Reach Orgasm During Sex

Many women do not reach orgasm alone, but only with oral and manual stimulation, for example by masturbating and using a vibrator. Also, there are women who produce their own orgasm and fail to have one while having sex with their partner. Many people take this situation as a sexual problem. But, as per the experts, this is not a problem. Every woman is different.

Having An Orgasm With Your Partner At The Same Time is Realistic

For many women, it is quite difficult to achieve orgasm at the same when their partner have. In reality, there is no question of synchronization with a partner. Women need at least 20 minutes to get into that state, while for most men 2-3 minutes are sufficient. In other words, it is a very small possibility to have an orgasm at the same time.

Women Are Harder To Reach Orgasm Than Men

Everyone believes that woman will “struggle” stronger than a man to reach climax. Behold, the latest studies show that the moment you know you’re excited to orgasm and you and your partner go through much the same way. So, there remains no need of working harder, be it a case of men or women orgasm?

Position Makes No Difference

If you think that position makes no difference, then I am sorry to say you are on the wrong side. They do make a difference when it comes to orgasm. As I mentioned earlier, women not only have an orgasm from penetration. Maybe there are cases, but in such scenario, it could be the result of prior stimulation and perfectly timed penetration.

Sex Without Orgasm is A Failure

To have an orgasm is indeed an incredible sensation, but you should not think that this is the ultimate goal of sex. Feel good with your partner and do not think about such things. In the end, you’ll feel better and you’ll be more relaxed.

Unlike men, women can have multiple orgasms. They don’t need any special skills or pills. But, at the same, considering this a universal principle is not right; not every woman can have multiple orgasms. There maybe only a few and even for those, it is not an easy task.