What Colors To Wear According To Your Skin Tone

What Colors To Wear According To Your Skin Tone
What Colors To Wear According To Your Skin Tone
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Every time I go to shopping, I find it really hard to choose clothes especially when it is about colors and shades that not only suits me, but also make me look flawless every day.

Unquestionably, beyond your personal preferences, before you choose clothes for you, you must not overlook the importance of your skin tone. You must learn what colors to wear according to your skin tone.

Ever wondered, why movies stars hire top class stylists and fashion designer? The only reason is – for their stunning looks and dresses are these area experts and their advice, seldom fails. They are professionals who help them analyzing their outfits and colors they wear most often. It is not only about brands, but whether that dress suits you or not according to your skin tone. Here are some suggestions for you all.

Light Skin Tone

For those with light skin tone, emerald green, pale blue and camel are the colors. Saturated hues and reminiscent of precious stones such as emerald and sapphire are the best choices in this case.

Do you really want me to talk about Elle Fanning, who looked stunning in an emerald green dress?

To add more to it, give your lips a treat with red lipstick and a smoky eye makeup is the best thing to try. If you are preparing for a special event, try a camel color coat. Buying a color in this color is a good investment because these are not going to out of fashion.

Medium Skin Tone

If you are a person with medium skin tone, metallic shades, gray, and colors like neon can really help you out. You’ll look great wearing metallic shades in all variants, from gold, silver, copper or bronze.

In addition to this, wearing the shades of gray is also recommended. It can get you a sophisticated look; it is for surely attract people’s attention.

In medium tones, if your skin is lighter, it is better to buy something of graphite gray, and if your skin is darker choose a pale gray.

Let me make it clear; neon colors are not for everyone. But if you are a person with medium skin tone, buying clothes of these powerful shades are really worth.

Dark Skin Tone

Let us talk about dark skin tone people now. People of this skin tone, you need a very little effort to make people notice you. To start with, throw all your white clothes because it will make you look darker than your true color.

Go with light shades and if you can dare to wear some warm colors, go with khakis, beige, or light brown.

If you are still confused, you can go for neutral colors that look great on any skin tone. Color like light blush pink, a combination of blue and green, eggplant purple are the best options. These colors accentuate your skin and that too without overpowering it.

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