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Closet ChaosWays To Maintain Your Wardrobe

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  1. Use ALL available space, but keep it organized.
  2. Keep out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way.
  3. You're more likely to wear something if you can see it.

Every time I open my closet, and look for the t-shirt that I want to wear, I feel like I am looking for a Pokemon. Chaos everywhere. For one t-shirt, I had to conduct a thorough search operation.

The same happened to me this morning. I was looking for my red pocket corner. “Mom, have you seen that?” I don’t know why you keep touching my things.” After hearing me talking nonsense, my dad shouted at me, “Nobody is that free to fix your garbage. You need to lesrn how to maintain your wardrobe.

I guess nearly one hundred times I have told you that an orderly closet can give you a peace of mind every time you open it, as one in which chaos reigns can ruin your mood.”

“I don’t have the wardrobe with sufficient space,” I was justifying my foolishness.

My father was now standing next to me. Oh, come on! This wardrobe in your room is a perfect choice. For this room or for a single person 90 cm wide – 60 deep is the ideal size for a wardrobe.

This time he shared a few tips with me. After implementing the next few steps of organizing the closet, and I am now enjoying a well-arranged and aesthetic wardrobe.

Regardless of the size of a closet, the most important thing is organizing clothes properly. Organizing should be done frequently. No matter how tidy you are, even a little chaos in your wardrobe can spoil your evening. Also, it is going to represent you as an idiot among your friends.

First of all, you need to reserve a few hours for this quite demanding activity. Let us start with the first step.

You need to fully empty your wardrobe. Remove all clothing from the closet and put them on the bed or floor. The purpose is to sort and arrange them in the order you use.

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While sorting your clothes, get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear to enlarge your closet space. The clothes you no longer wear them, you can donate them to the needy people.

Sort clothes depending on the season. Put clothes you do not wear at the top of the cabinet and the one you wear, place them at the bottom. In simpler terms – store your most frequently used items at an eye level and least used items at the top.

Another criterion by which you can sort clothes is their usefulness. Do not mix shirts, long sleeve, T-shirts, and other upper wears. Try to use the clothes hanger and make sure that the dark stuck to the white color.

In your closet of clothes create a small space for accessories, where you can sit neckties, scarves, gloves or scarves.

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For your yoga mats, I suggest you to buy an umbrella stand. That is going to save a lot of space and you can buy that for very reasonable price. And, also think about buying some shelf dividers for storing your folded clothes like a towel, bed sheet, etc.

Also, I suggest you should buy a stackable laundry basket to keep your dirty clothes. At the time of washing, you won’t be missing a single cloth.

All these tips are going to work when you do. If you are not serious about cleaning your mess, then no one else can.

Organizing correct wardrobe will save your space, time and efforts.