Citronella & Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquitoes

Citronella & Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquitoes
Citronella & Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquitoes
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With the onset of heat, the season starts for mosquitoes. Guarding yourself against their infectious buzz and bites becomes difficult when we choose to spend our evenings on the terraces or in the society parks.

Though we have mosquitoes repellent creams, yet most of us want to stay away from those greasy hands and legs. Countless insecticidal sprays and mosquitoes demolition measure are bragging about their success. But, in real, none seems working.

The best solution to keep these mosquitoes away that are attracted to us because of our sweat (certain substances) as well as the carbon dioxide that we exhale while breathing and through the skin, is something made with citronella & eucalyptus oil for mosquitoes; Good Knight Fabric Roll-on.

Good Knight, a brand that needs no introduction, when the question of your family’s joyous sleep arises.  Since 1940, citronella & eucalyptus oil are being used as the powerful outdoor mosquito repellent. Studies say eucalyptus oil can keep mosquitoes away for more than 3 hours up to 95 percent. And, citronella, an oil made of mixed herbs can add another 50 percent protection and can keep mosquitoes at a distance for more than 2 hours. Isn’t amazing?

The question is – where to get these special oils from and how do we know if they are for real? Don’t panic because once again, Good Knight is here to help you with its innovative product – Fabric Roll-on. From an 8 ml packing of miraculous outdoor mosquito repellent, you can enjoy the benefits of these two oils.

Four non-staining dots on the clothes before you go outside, and you are at a safe distance from these insects for a good amount of time. One 8 ml packing that you can buy for less than ₹100, works like an invisible mosquito repellent shield for your family that is going to protect them against all dengue, malaria and chikungunya attacks for 75 days, if applied by one person, once a day.

Buy this outdoor mosquito repellent online from eCommerce stores or grab one from your nearest chemist.  No regrets and side-effects in buying this wonderful outdoor Good Knight fabric roll-on mosquito repellent.