Cheating Spouse DreamThe logic behind cheating dream.

Cheating Spouse Dream - The logic behind cheating dream
Cheating Spouse Dream - The logic behind cheating dream
Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Dreams are a portal to our subconscious mind and they just reflect our greatest fears or simply problems that are more evident in our lives.

Almost any person who is in a relationship had the dream about something wrong with his/her partner. And, trust me, when this happens, the whole day is messed up. It’s very possible that this cheating dream may even run you into your own cooked suspicions. Dreams about infidelity (where you’re cheating your partner or your partner cheating on you) in general, signify feelings of insecurity in a love relationship. On the other hand, such dreams may indicate that you feel restricted in terms of emotional and you need a “valve” to express your feelings. Before becoming paranoid, and before you allow all those unhealthy ideas in your head that will harm really in the relationship, find out what this sort of dream really means.

Admittedly, you cannot get rid of the images that were held the dream. Of course, you’ll wonder why you are shown something. No matter how rational you are, you’ll feel more or less betrayed and there are even cases where these sorts of dreams may even lead to completely useless quarrels.

We must understand that dreams are generally symbolic, not factual. So, when you dream that you cheated does not mean that this even happens or will happen, but you have to evaluate your relationship and you need to learn how to relate to it. Partner’s infidelity dream is associated with your feelings; you feel that your partner is not giving you the desired attention and you think that the interest has declined. If you dream that your partner is cheating you, the problem is not in your partner’s garden, but in yours; logically, these are your uncertainties.

Your subconscious interprets your partner’s other interests as “competition” for you. Thus, in the dream, this situation is typified by cheating, making you feel betrayed. When you wake up from this dream, you feel you have been replaced and are not receiving the attention you deserve. Also, most certainly it is not true that your partner is cheating; maybe there is a problem in the relationship you have to discover. Maybe you as a couple is passing through a tough time and those difficulties are making you lose your head or provoking stress or fights that are more than something normal. These types of problem can also be a reason behind your fear for your relationship.

When you dream about cheating, it is advisable to ask your partner about if there is anything wrong, or any issue that requires immediate discussion. If not, then it is better to tell your spouse that you feel neglected. The whole idea is – to find out where the real problem is and what the true solutions are?

Prophetic Dreams

This is a very rare case and only a few are blessed with this; some people are gifted to have prophetic dreams. In this case, their subconscious clues and grounds are puts them together. They lead a dream to a conclusion. Chances are that it would not be the only signs of cheating, but it may be closer to an event that either might have happened once or is going to happen in near future. If you feel that you had a prophetic dream, you have to be very attentive to details and how you wake up; you need to write down names, numbers and places that were mentioned in the dream. Even in this situation, do not rush to jump accusations; just silently observe your partner’s behavior.

Many people who dream they are deceived in love are so affected by this cheating dream that they come to confuse it with reality, hurrying their loved accusations of infidelity. The feeling that your partner is not giving you (enough) attention can give birth to a dream in which she is cheating on you. The dream that your partner / your husband / your wife is cheating on you may report also fear of being left abandoned. You may be troubled about what your future holds, wondering if you or your partner will not be with you in a few years. Perhaps you expect from a proof of faith, a gesture that you confess and you confirm that the attachment will always be with you.

When you feel worthless, insignificant or you do not live up to expectations of others it is possible to dream that you cheated on your partner, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, your wife. In your subconscious, you might think that he / she no longer wants to remain with you. Mutual trust is one of the vital elements in a couple relationships. You invite doubts; the moment trust is given up or compromised.

This doubt can manifest as a dream in which you are wrong and not forget that in some case dream about infidelity means –the true you! Maybe you are a cheater.