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Cheat Code – Effective Strategies for Working More Efficiently

Cheat Code - Effective Strategies for Working More Efficiently
Cheat Code - Effective Strategies for Working More Efficiently
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


  1. Drop 'home' at work and 'work' at home.
  2. Quit multitasking and focus on one task.
  3. When at work, put your phone on silent.

If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will just eat cereals. It’s science. No offense.

Thousands of articles and public lecture already talking about how getting more done in a little time; about strategies for working more efficiently. Nowadays, be it manager or employees, everybody is under scanner; a scanner of working more in lesser time and producing the same results graphs that were there in early 70’s.

In this iPhone age, we all are mad about doing so much that we are sacrificing dozens of our goals. Countless projects are dying prematurely and we are leaving them unfinished. People are consistently looking for solutions through which they can become more productive and efficient.

Effectiveness in achieving the objectives is beneficial especially when you have important tasks to do, but you are not enjoying doing that. The methods of working more effectively will help you finish faster, and you still will have more time for the things you really like. Here are a few of the tricks using which you can work more efficiently.

Stop Multitasking

When it comes to efficiency, this is the first thing to remember. You need to give up your habit of handling multiple things at the same time; avoid multitasking. There is a closer similarity between modern devices and the human brain.

Like machines, our brain has a RAM of its own to store temporary files for the speedy and better execution of tasks. It is up to everyone how many files one want to store; one file per subject of several files on several topics.

In another simple example – have you ever noticed that when copying two films at the same, you take more time than if you copy at a time? Same happens with our mind. When working on multiple targets at the same time, we take more time than what we take when we work on each task separately.

At Work - Divorce Your Phone When

You must note down how much time you spend on your phone. Nowadays, the phone is like our personal assistant. We prefer to stay home than going anywhere without it. Every 5-10 minutes, we want to check our messages or notifications.

Commenting or liking someone images on Facebook is replacing our other urgent works. When you want to be more efficient in what you do, it is very important to give up your phone or at least put it on silent or you close it.

Use The 50/10 Rule

This rule involves working for 50 minutes to the main objective, with a 10-minutes’ break in which do nothing than to relax. This is the standard, but usually, there are people who follow different time slots for a break like 25/5 or 90/20.

The logic behind allowing yourself a break is recharging your productive cycles. We must understand that we cannot remain focused on what we do for a longer duration; our brain needs a break.

Divert the Distractions

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Diverting from a job because of any said reason before completing the task is not good. If you want to get more done in short-time, you need to start with the most important task. Whether you like it or not, but you need to focus exclusively on it until a finish.

This is the only key to higher levels of performance and personal productivity. From the moment we started all engines of our brain and after setting up our concentration for one objective, it is hard to stop and start them again later.

When you start the job, at all costs, you must refuse to stop or deviate until you have finished work. You must understand that you’ll be wasting a good amount of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation on restarting the same thing again.

Once you master yourself with distractions, you will become more productive. You’ll work faster and more efficiently.

Well, try to adopt these techniques and I am sure that you will notice an increase in your productivity. If this article helped you, do not forget to give a share. Eventually, leave me a comment and let me know if you have any other technique.