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Success Mantra - Change Lies Within Yourself
Success Mantra - Change Lies Within Yourself

Success Mantra – Change Lies Within Yourself


Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


At one side, we are talking about Mars Landing and we make claims about discovering God’s particle. On the other side, a few of us still believe on things like black-magic and spell casting. And, they think that wearing some gemstones can bring them success.

What rubbish! I am sorry, but can you please help me understand the logic behind this whole idea? How wearing a stone or feeding an animal and doing nothing else can change your fate? There is no secret success mantra, but one and that is – hard-work.

1Dare to leave your comfort zone

You have to believe that there is no such thing called impossible and it is rather I + M + Possible. The simple funda – do something that you never did before to have something that you never had before.

You need to get yourself out from your comfort zone because it is where the success resides.Think about a bird, who have to fly miles for a few drops of water.

For that bird, the comfort zone is – nest. You need to find out your comfort zone and you need to bash that in the face. It is all about breaking your comfort zone mentally.

2Hate your insecurities

Many times the only thing holding us back is our own insecurities. You should love your critics if you really want to improve.

But, in general, unsuccessful people have a very poor digestion for disapproval.

To them, they are perfect, flawless, they know everything and they want to know everything.

You need to understand that nobody is perfect and we all have flaws.

You have to have good ears if you really want to change things; listen what others have to say about you and without being impatient, try to improve.

3Bygones are bygones

You need to get out of your past. That is long gone and there is no rewind button. Stop crying for the things that you may have either enjoyed or cried for. “The childhood was the best time. College life was the best ever period.

Being bachelor is the first and last good thing that happened to me and I still remember. My ex was far better than my present one. Should I have done this, I would have made my life better.”

Be it a good memory or a bad one, do not let it control your present. In most cases, I have seen people who have one leg in the past, one in the future and they are peeing on their present.

When a bad experience holds you back, think of the king and the spider story; where a spider reached its web in the seventh attempt after falling again and again.

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4My comparison is with me

Stop comparing yourself to others and maintain a distance from those who compare you with others. The comparison is important, but it has to be with you only because comparison with someone else will make you feel inferior, discouraged and incapable.

All we see is the luxury lifestyle of Sachin Tendulkar, but what we don’t is – struggle and mistakes he did every day before mastering his straight drive or upper-cut or paddle sweep batting strokes.

Reminds me of an interview where SRK, Badshah Khan of Bollywood said, “my competition is with me. I do not compete with others.”

Most of the time we compare ourselves with others without realizing our own capabilities. Ask yourself, what am I best at?

5I don’t need others’ approval

I simply do not understand, why do we need approvals of other even on basic things like buying a shirt; especially of those you think you care about. Be it love or care, if it is conditional, it is fake.

Try to understand the simplest logic; it is all about mind and matter, those who matter barely minds and those who mind barely matters. Having eighteen candles on your birthday cakes doesn’t automatically certify you as an adult.

If you trust your gut and if you know how to live by your heart; for sure you are an adult. Do things that make you happy without worrying much about others approval.

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6Let the right time come

There is no wrong time and there is no right time.

Instead, striking when the iron is hot, how about striking and making the iron hot?

Now or never; as simple as it is. You got spilled milk, don’t curse your fate and make cheese out of it.

The right time is nothing, but the moment when you start.

Good time and bad times are nothing, but another synonym for procrastination, often used by the weak.

7Stop making it a one man show

Have you ever seen people building residential towers? “Together we can make a difference,” they say. However, most of the people think that asking for a help is a sign of incompetency.

“I don’t know,” is becoming the toughest word to say these days. People around are so full of, “I Knew it already.” But, the fact is, a doctor cannot write a software program and plumber cannot fix power supply related issues.

List down the problems you are facing and then look for an expert advice. Asking won’t cost you, it rather may save you from unpredictable losses.

8Stop listening to everyone, but yourself

“People cannot do something themselves, they going to tell you that you cannot do it,” a famous quote from one of my all time favorite movie – The Pursuit of Happyness (2006).

You are failing because you listen to everybody else, but not yourself. It is perfectly alright to ask for advice, but it has to be you the only person with approval authority.

Sometimes suggestions are like people describing a half filled glass of water; for a few its half empty and for other its half filled. Ask yourself, what you want it to call.

9Be productive and not busy

Most of us fake busyness. You need to check where your actions are taking you. I spent eight hours on Google finding something that even I do not know.

I am watching motivational videos, attending religious seminars, and I am visualizing my ideas. I have future plans. The only thing I lack – implementation.

To sum-up, I would like to quote Henry Ford’s golden words, “Whether you think you can or you cannot, you’re right.”

If there exist anything that can stop you from being what you always want to – it is you.

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Instead, worrying about palm lines, be the artist of your own destiny. Be a tough man and do not let these few palm lines the ruler of your destiny.

If you still think it is all about palm lines, luck, and black magic, then think about monkeys, even they have palm lines and Google ‘Nick Vujicic’ a man with no limbs.