Mid-Life Career Crises – How To Change Job After 35 Years

Mid-Life Career Crises - How To Change Job After 35 Years
Mid-Life Career Crises - How To Change Job After 35 Years
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Kumar Sunil

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Something happens after you get past 35. You wake up one day and suddenly you start feeling like you are no longer interested in your own profession and in worst cases, you find it unacceptable.

It happened to me a few years back after I crossed my 35 years of life. On one pleasant morning, I woke up puffy eyes. It was a moment of self-analysis. I started looking back and I was wondering on my lifestyle; this is not the life I wanted to live. Actually, I was looking for a job change. But, the question in my mind was – how to change job after 35 years.

Let me tell you, I was quite content with my job. But, I was not content with my lifestyle. These changes were no sudden, but you get the point where you feel you really need a career change. Indisputably, to change your career at the age of 35 is risky. However, the chances of success increase if before making this change you take good care of few essential steps.

Follow Your Passion

The first recommendation is to follow your passion. Try to find out the real source of energy that wakes you up every morning. Find the activity that really defines you and you share a natural connection when you work for that.

Always remember, if you are doing something you really love to do, you will do good.

Liberate Yourself From Preconceptions

Once you have decided that you want to try something new, you need to free yourself of everything so far you were doing.

Be informed about any career you find interesting. Talk to people who work in fields that attract you or you would like to understand better. You may have friends who work as programmers or SEO specialists.

Ask people what they like about that profession because this how you are going to find out whether you are right for such a job or not?

Stop Making Excuses

In case you feel unhappy in the current field; it is useless to look for excuses? It’s never too late to make decisions that are for your benefit.

A rewarding career is something that brings improvements in all aspects of your life, from health to your family’s happiness.

Find a Niche

If you know exactly which direction you want to go, you are more fortunate than any other man confused for over 40 years. Once you get that ‘wake-up call’ about your career; start with finding a niche for your career.

You need to be more specific and clear in your objective because this is how things are going to be easier for you. Once you know what you want to do and how to do; you will do you best and you will experience less competition.

Allow Sufficient Time For Change

Rome wasn’t built in a night. So, it’s impossible for anyone to have all the changes overnight. Allow some time. You need to understand that changing careers has several phases.

If you reorient to a new area, you may be required to follow certain courses or program of study to offer you this new foundation in your chosen field.

The point is – allowing sufficient time for that new change and not losing your patience.

Use What You Learned

Do not repeat your mistakes and do not give up on skills that you have learned from your last profession.

It is quite possible that you have got no experience in the new field that you have chosen, but many skills are transferable. So, use them to prove your credibility to the employer.

Enjoy The Process Of Change

Making major changes after 35 years can be a little scary, but it’s very exciting. It’s your chance to start a new life and use everything you know in a completely different way.

You need to enjoy the things because this will not only reduce your stress but convince your employers that you are a person with whom they would like to work.

Learn To Cope With Stress And Anxiety

Reorienting your career at 35 years is not an easy thing and not the same as it was at the age of 20 or 30 years.

When you plan a career change at this age, the biggest problem you face is – the pressure of age. At the 35th year, you have to think about many other things like your regular expenses, house rates, and all. But who knows if this is the best decision you was putting on hold for long.

You need a well thought out plan and take risks, but once you see your dream come true, glad you took this decision will follow you every day.