Be somebody from nobody

Are you too driving the car of your career without having any destination in mind? I am afraid, you are not serious about your career.
  • Stop waiting for angels to do some miracles for you.
  • Stop expecting success from gemstones, motivational books, and
    religious seminars.
  • Nothing will change unless you do.
  • Learn from my experiences and career mistakes

Career Advice That Will Get You to the Top

Discards confusion

Students who complete their education often fall into confusion in making the right choices for future career. This is because the students are too young to choose the right career path

Career Quiz

Career Quiz is designed to give you an understanding of your personality

Support and motivation

We offers support and lifts the morale of the individual by getting to know what they desire to achieve in future. Long term success is achieved by building motivational level for the individual.

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A conscientious career and entrepreneurship consultant, Sunil primarily takes care of all the operations at ThirtyFour Soft Systems Private Limited as M.D, Cygerz India Private Limited as C.E.O, Gurnoor Consulting Inc. (Canada) as C. I. O, and Editor/Columnist at

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