Career AdjustmentsHow far can you go for your dream job?

Career Adjustments – How far can you go for your dream job?
Career Adjustments – How far can you go for your dream job?
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Casting couch is everywhere.
  2. Both men and women are participants.
  3. Partner swapping is a necessity.
  4. It is all about ballot, bullet, and wallet.

Qualifications are okay. Interviews are done. But, you know, how things work in big corporates? Well, let me get straight to the point – how far do you think you can go for this hike?

No denial, we all know about casting couch stories from B-Town and Hollywood; there are a lot of stories available on YouTube and Website. But, these sorts of career adjustments can be seen everywhere. Be it a big corporate office or a small department store; sexual favors and other illicit tactics used by both employees and employers are nothing new.

There are stats that says that sexual favors are now a common thing used for promotions, salary hikes, or another sort of career boosts. While exploring the stats for this particular topic, I was shocked many people are using this ‘career adjustment ladder’ and as this is ‘consensual’ there are no legal escapes. To my wonder, this is a menace, no one wants to talk about. People are offering themselves as a piece of cake that anyone can buy and eat. And, the only reason behind this great fall in our conscience is – a dream job.

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Your character certificate is of no use. Because we are living in a society, where your lifestyle defines your character. People are more concerned about your expensive car, diamond jewelry, lavish lifestyle, and no one really cares about your income source. It is all about ballot power, bullet power, and wallet power and if you have any of these with you, the world will listen to you. I believe this is the theory we people are living with.

I personally know many of the people who have compromised their integrity for career hike. Reminds me of a friend, who nearly killed himself because of this nuisance. He was the most deserving candidate for the promotion and I know, he was the one who worked really hard. Throughout the year, his employer praised him for his good work and hinted him about promotions.

I know, he uplifted the business a lot, but right a day before the announcement, a lady joined as Marketing Manager. This guy, when asked for reasons behind not promoting him, he was served with lame excuses. He was so broken inside that he nearly killed himself. I am justifying his action, but the whole office was talking a lot about the secret adjustment between the boss and that lady.

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It is not only about women. I have seen many men on the same track. They offer themselves as a toy boys to their female bosses. I am not concerned about those who can sleep with anyone for a few perks. My concern is about the humiliation and frustration that many other deserving candidates are forced to face because they choose to keep their pants on.

Things are becoming really worse. Latest in trend is partner-swapping. According to another research, wife swapping is not only a common practice, but a necessity for going far in their careers. In the same article, some shocking statements were revealed about the dirty parties, wife-swapping and other nonsense practices by the wife of a ranked officer.

I mean, is that the only way left to the top? How can we not call it prostitution? In prostitution, it is only about money, and here, it is also about money. There are many people who are ready to put everything on the back-burner, but not their career. The use of erotic capital is sorting out things more easily for a few people. Instead, interview tables and discussion rooms, projects and plans now have to go through the bedroom before they attain their maturity. What a fall? Is there any end???

For figures, people are using their figures and figuring out things very easily.