Capital Punishment to the RapistA solution or a motivation?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Despite, a country where we have countless temples of female Goddesses, we are at number four in rapes followed by The United States (1), South Africa (2) and Sweden (3). Should we not feel proud of this achievement? We talk a lot about Sanskaars (rites) and culture, but the fact is, we love talking and we only talk. I am unsure, whether African Apes were our ancestors. However, I am sure, we still have apes doing rapes. For the pleasure of a few minutes, these lusty-dogs barely give a second thought about leaving someone with a lifetime trauma of a shattered soul. Ever thought about the pain a victim has to live with; just unimaginable? After every such incident, we have television debates, candle marches, city shut-downs. For a few days, the tragedy remains in the headlines of media channels. Alongside, people like you and me are occupied by social media pages, discussion forums, and info-graphics. We demand amendments in law and we outcry slogans – “Hang the Rapists.” But, do you think giving capital punishment to these rapist is going to make any difference? How many of us think, killing a rapist is a solution?

Death Penalty means killing some for a crime, be it by hanging him, by injecting, by shooting, by stoning or by torturing. There are innumerable debates already going on about banning capital punishment for any crime including rape. People get agitated when they see someone is not favoring the death penalty for a rapist. They take it as a sympathy for the criminal. Give it an ear, listen what lawmakers have to say. Actually, there is the darkest side of this punishment. Just imagine, if a rapist knows his fate before committing rape, don’t you think he will make sure that he is not leaving anything behind. For him, ‘removing the witness and evidence’ is going to be the first thing he will be doing. The end result is going to be an unfortunate loss of a life and an instead of one crime, system now have to deal with two crimes; finally, an increase in crime rate. Then, comes the draft of Human Right. Killing someone for someone – means infringing his right to live for someone else’s right, though I agree that person has no right to live.

There are people who emphasize depriving a rapist from his manhood or injecting him with some castration to nullify his libido. But, don’t you think, this will transform him from a sexual assaulter to a physical assaulter and he may get involved in other heinous crimes. According to medical science, such treatments may lead to hormone imbalances.  There are cases, where such criminals later become serial killers, who rape females irrespective of their age, chop their body parts and finally kill them to death; just for their pleasure. There are people, who think a rapist must not be given a life-term sentence either; why would they live on the taxpayer’s money?

I am sorry, but we live in a victim blaming the environment. The primary reason behind their sick mentality is – no fear for law. They know, they will walk free one day for sure. And, as long as the criminal proceedings are going on, it is the only victim, who bears the pain of consistent humiliation. We all know, how good a few lawyers are brilliant with their own definition for ‘DATE, DELAY, DEGRADE and DEFAME.’ Be it any case and any country, 80% of these stigmatic sick personalities walk free after serving a sentence. Nobody knows them, we have never seen them as they were never introduced to the rest of the world. I seriously see no good logic behind hiding their faces with masks (when they were brought in for hearings) and I strongly condemn this. Let everybody see those ugly faces. When I see these criminals covered with black masks, I feel like, we are more concerned about their privacy and future than the one who suffered and those who may be their next victim.

So, what is the right solution? Educating these idiots is not one of them, if you think so. Giving them sermons or morality and rehabilitation is like teaching a pig how to sing that will not only annoy pig, but will also waste teacher’s time. These special breed of wolves must be ostracized, as they no longer belong to civilization. I strongly oppose people favoring their rehabilitation because restoration is for those, who became criminal because of some inevitable circumstances and not for those who opted to be a criminal.

Instead, they must be tattooed with a word “rapist” in capital letters on their forehead. The government must sentence them of a SRS treatment (sexual reassignment surgery); instead, killing them, change their sex to a female and then set them all free. I believe, this is the best solution to make them understand the pain of the victim. Isn’t it? What you say? Can you suggest something?