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“Can we be just friends?” This one line hurts sometimes!
“Can we be just friends?” This one line hurts sometimes!

“Can we be just friends?” This one line hurts sometimes!

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Hello, fellows! Are you being served with this kind of heartache, “I like you James, but, you know what, I do not feel any such thing for you?

I understand your emotions, however, I am sorry for doing this to you, can we be just friends?” Guys do not blame your luck for this because it is you who is solely responsible and in this article we will be telling you, “how” and at the completion of it, you will understand, why do you need a seduction guide.

My bosom friends always remember the million dollars rule, “if emotions or love are gone, it is a signal to move on.”

Let us now understand why this happens to some of you, who live in a bubble that they are expert PUAs (pick up artists).

Do not be a family Counselor

Most of the guys believes that, “ girls need ears and earrings.” This is where you are wrong and this is where the seduction guide helps you.

They do not need ears from attractive men, and attractive men do not offer themselves as a listener. If you are always there to listen to her every sorrow and every time you offer her your shoulder to cry on, simply means you are becoming her teddy bear.

A teddy bear cannot be loved; these soft cotton toys are only for sharing emotions and for nothing practical.

Do not be so sweet that people will eat you up nor so bitter that they will spit you out. Just stay normal. Do not let her feel that you are a couch or a counselor, to whom people visit with their sorrows.

Do not just try to impress her round the Clock

The most common mistake you dudes do is, impress, impress and impress. This is not it mate, you need to grow up a bit, do not be a circus joker or jerk, who try to impress girls every time with their filthy tricks.

If you are buying her expensive Armani clothes, Prada shades and other stuff, you are simply ruining the things. At the end, this is what she will expect from you, you will be nothing more than an ATM for her and always remember every ATM has an expiry date of it.

Do not just behave like a handkerchief that she uses for wiping her tears. If she calls you in the midnight and start crying about some nerd who played with her, it is good to say, “Hang on!

Why the hell, you are telling me these stupid things at this hour of the night? What you need is, to chill out with a chilled guy like me.”

There is a lot more to know about what to do and what to avoid if you really do not want to be a “friend” only, go grab a seduction guide today.