Brilliant Manmohan Singh – Do You Agree?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Manmohan Singh, the India Economist and Politician born on September 26, 1932, is the man who served as 13th Prime Minister of India.

Ph.D. in Economics from Oxford University, he was the Finance Minister who carried out several structural reforms that liberalized India’s economy in 1991, when India was facing a severe economic crisis. The man who not only earned respect in our country, but at the international fronts as well. He is the man who was Internationally Honoured even after his tenure –  Japan’s Highest Civilian Honour. People used to mock him as Maun Mohan Singh (the silent man), who barely speaks a word. But, “weak people talk and don’t act, whereas, strong people act and don’t talk,” they say.

So full of knowledge and so down to earth personality, he is. Being an economic student from Panjab University, I had heard a lot of stories about his excellence. My professor, who was his student shares innumerable experiences of his excellence with economics. Recently, he again joined Panjab University, India as a professor. Wish, I could be lucky this time (no more a student, though).

Perhaps, this was the reason, even US President Obama applauded him once. You should listen to it here, what Obama said about him.

As a prime minister, he was a man of action. The personality who always believed in doing things, rather than just giving is fantastic names, not many of us know that GST, RTI Act, Aadhar Card, MNREGA – all were his idea. The people who criticized those, are the people who enjoying the credits of passing it now.

People do talk about scams in his tenure – 2G, Coalgate, Common Wealth Games. But, how can we ignore his brilliant work? Ever wondered from he where picked up the Indian Economy and who was behind RTE (Right to Education Act), National food security bill, Woman Reservation Bill, Solar Mission, National Policy on Disaster Management, Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal, Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan, and so on?

You need to read this – What Famous Journalist, Author and Politician Arun Shourie has to say. We must agree that Singh was the man who never thought his Chair. As a former PM, he was the only courageous leader who dared to put his government at the highest level of risk. Those who mocked at his ideas are now enjoying the ‘wah-wah’ for the same.

Presently, social media is boiling with a lot of debates about income growth, inflation, petrol prices, domestic goods, food, vegetables, medicines, taxes, and jobs in manufacturing. However, you should check his report card here; a total of 4.8% annual growth rate in 2013-2014 was recorded. Let us wait for the latest stats.

Something that wonders me the most is – I have never seen Manmohan Singh on the road blocking posters and Cinema Halls unlike others, who indirectly control News channels and who can spot a camera even in the dark.

Don’t you people think we want him back as a PM?