Types And Most Common Reasons of Breast Pain

Breast Pain – Types And Most Common Reasons
Breast Pain – Types And Most Common Reasons
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Experiencing a feeling of tenderness in the breasts is a very common disease that most of the women suffer from. But, the irony, not half of them know what exactly is causing them the pain.

In this article, I would be talking about some very common reasons of breast pain. Mastalgia, which is better known as breast pain is a common disease among women. A recent study showed that more than half of the women in this world face this pain at least once in their lives.

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Before understanding the cause behind this pain, let us first understand the types of breast pain.

Cyclic Pain

This pain occurs once a month and is somewhat related to monthly menstruation. This pain is normal and barely needs any medical attention.

Noncyclic Pain

This type of pain is either temporary or permanent. This pain is no way connected with menstruation. And, symptoms of this pain are common among women aged 40-50 years.

There could be several reasons for this pain such as smoking, caffeine, inadequate nutrition, a benign tumor, malignant or a possible infection. This type of pain needs an immediate medical attention.

Now, let us talk about the common reasons behind pain in breasts.

1Menstrual Cycle

Many women complain tenderness, tension, tingling and mild pain that occurs in both breasts before and during menstruation. This type of pain occurs once a month, usually 3-7 days before menstruation. This exact location of this pain is at the top of the breast and extends towards the underarm. And, women aged 30-40 years are the victims.


Menopause is a natural decline in reproductive hormones after a woman reaches her early forties and late fifties. With hormone secretion decrease, some women complain of breast pain. Experts say breast pain disappears with the end of menopause.


If you are taking contraceptive pills, you may experience breast pain or tenderness for some time. However, in case you experience a persistent pain or tenderness, you must seek doctor’s advice. Only a doctor can recommend you a discontinuation of the pill to notice symptoms or change after that.

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4Large Breasts

Women with large breasts normally experience noncyclic pain and the culprit is their breast size. This discomfort is usually accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulder, and back.


This is non-cancerous breast tumor and the primary victims of this tumor are young ladies. It feels like a rubbery lump of well-defined shape in the breast. This lump is painless and you can feel it moving when you touch.


Another reason behind breast pain is mastitis. It is a mammary gland infection that occurs mainly in women who are breastfeeding. It is manifested by pain, swelling, and redness of the breast.

Many medical experts believe that breast pain is associated with various external factors. Perhaps, this is the reason why some experts recommend taking healthy diets and excluding things like caffeine drinks, red meat, and dairy products.

If you are experiencing breast pain, you can try this to see if your problem is improving. But in the case of noncyclic pain, immediate medical consultation is highly suggested.