Brain Drain is better than Brain in Drain?

Brain Drain is better than Brain in Drain. Any Thoughts?
Brain Drain is better than Brain in Drain. Any Thoughts?
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It’s creating a brain drain. We could end up with a society without knowledge. How can such a society make progress?

Ask any youngster, if he is given an opportunity of staying in here and working as a white collar professional or migrating to another country and spending whole life on a truck-trailer; undoubtedly, 99% will vote for the second option. Is it becoming a matter of lifestyle and economic security? Yes, indeed, it is all about the dilemmas of present and future; we are so much worried about our future financial abilities. To kill that fear of our present economic instability, we will opt for every possible chance and brain drain is perhaps one of them. Why is it so and who is to blame?

Personally, I take it as a complete failure of our education, recruitment, immigration, and economic policies. Many people will oppose my idea of blaming political lobby and their policies, but in reality, I would like to contradict their opinion. Do you think this lobby(political lobby) is really concerned about the development of our country? Let me ask, do you have any idea how foreign visa policies are framed and why they are targeting the skilled people only? Ever noticed a sudden rise in student visa and permanent residence visa applications? Ever wondered, how come banks offering foreign education loans on relaxed payment terms and domestic loans on strict terms? Do you think government bodies are serious enough about the rising amount of FDI (foreign direct investment) that is going out of our country in the terms of embassy and university fees? We are talking about ‘make in India,’ but who will make because after some time our continent is going to be deprived of skills?

[drocap]T[/drocap]alent is nothing without opportunity, they say. And, nowadays, be it, students or professionals, they know that their talent is going to be wasted. Would there be any justification to offer, if I ask, why do we have a prescribed qualification for a clerk, but not for a minister? Help me in understanding, what guidelines a minister, who have never been to any college, is supposed to give to a Civil Services passed officer, who is at that position after qualifying the degree exams, recruitment tests, and interviews? This is not only discouraging, but also a complete wastage of talent. Agree? Same is the case with other recruitment areas. Be it any government institution exam, the eligibility criteria for appearing in the competition is – simple graduation. Simply find it indigestible; what is the use of ‘bachelor of commerce or finance’ degree, when we are going to select a candidate from a non-financial background such as engineering background because that person is good with mathematics, but zero at commerce terms? What is the point of wasting years studying mechanical engineering laws, when you are going to be a financial or high-school clerk?

Doctors, engineers, scientists, financial experts, economic scholars; the speed with they are migrating to other countries, I fear, one day, we are going to face the shortage of these professionals. If I talk about lifestyle, security of life and value of a human life – we cannot deny the fact that we are suffering. Nobody wants to visit a government hospital for treatment and no one wants to send their kids to a government school. We all know the reason – the harassment and poor standard of services. Before the treatment, patients are asked to submit the medical fees. No doubt, we have medical insurances, but not everyone can afford the fees hidden behind those beautifully designed brochures. Should we talk about developed nations, it is government, who takes care of everything. Even if someone is unable to pay the medical expenses, they have government funds to accommodate those unpaid bills. Yes, we are not developed and they are developed and we are developing, but before you say so, I want you to explore the (history of) economic structure of countries like Singapore and Australia.

We want to raise our economy, but how is that going to happen? We are encouraging privatization of everything, let it be school, hospital, gas agencies, medical shops, department stores, telephone companies, railways, electricity boards, housing boards, transportation system, and so on. We outcry slogans of “education is a birthright,” and at the same time, we promote convent and private schools with hefty fee structures that are more of five-stars hotel with fancy classrooms. It has been ages since the Maharaja System was abandoned, but we still have the traces of this in our civilization. In today’s world, it is known as V.I.P culture and anyone who is not in this elite class will suffer throughout his life. The other day, I was reading about the happiest country in the world, Bhutan. To my surprise, Bhutan king is so down to earth that he even chop onions and cook a meal. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin, you can meet him any time you want and sometimes even in the children’s park. Can you replicate me any example from a domestic market?

Well, don’t you think, it is a complete conspiracy – deteriorate the standards at a government institution and that is how private bodies will flourish and ultimately, the poor will suffer? No good education means no good job, no good job means no good money and finally, no good life. These are a few reasons that encourage people like me and you to move out. There are people, who say, it is we who can make a change, but can I ask them – “how can you change things that need parliament approvals?” Would you allow your patient to die on a government hospital stretcher or would you prefer spending the extra money and buying him a world-class treatment at a multi-specialty hospital? Do you want to be an IT professional, answerable to a person who knows nothing about I.T or you would like to grab a chance of working for someone overseas where your skills will appreciate in both monetary and non-monetary terms?

Dear Policy makers, look out for the figures of people moving out and take it as an alarm if you are really concerned about our Country. Or otherwise, everyone deserves a king size life, be it at any corner of the globe.