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Best Advice on Choosing The Right Woman To Marry
Best Advice on Choosing The Right Woman To Marry

Best Advice on Choosing The Right Woman To Marry


Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


According to relationship experts and astrologers, “what kind of woman one should marry,” is the most often question asked by men.

Getting married is a lifetime decision and you cannot take it lightly. Although relationship problems can be solved anytime, why take chances? Here is my best advice on choosing the right woman to marry.

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Never marry a woman without passion. I have seen many cases, where this type of odd couple always struggles with one typical question, “your passion or me.” I am not saying that one should not devote time to the family, but there is no point of marrying a female who knows nothing about passion. Moreover, what can you expect from a passionless personality?

2Family Adjustment

In civilizations like India, both husband and wife are expected to follow to certain family traditions after marriage and prioritizing in-laws’ family is one of them.

I am not saying that women must overlook the importance of her family after getting married. But once married, she is expected to prioritize the needs of her husband and his family. Never marry a woman who is not ready for this.

At the same time, it becomes a man responsibility to make his wife feel comfortable at every situation possible. It is a mutual give and takes.

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3Never Keep Promises

This one is for those, who are already in love with someone or who are engaged and waiting for their wedding date. You should never marry a woman, who consistently fails at keeping her promises.

I am not talking about promises like sending a goodnight text or birthday flowers, but something more important. Trust me, the only reason behind not keeping a promise is – lack of seriousness.

In blunt words, she is just treating you like an option. At this point, instead of proceeding with her, you should give yourself the opportunity to find someone who is willing to keep his word.

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4Treating Everyone Likes An Option

This is again a very clear indication from a woman whom you should never marry. If she is not treating you or the people in her contact as they should be, give yourself the opportunity to find someone else.

You need a female, who knows how to put everything on a scale. In reality, if you’re not her priority, trust me, you never will be. Take my best advice on choosing the right woman to marry for free; do not waste your time on such an amateur, over-confident, over-ambitious and over-smart woman.

5A Poor Communicator

Communication is the key and the main ingredient for a successful relationship. Give it a try, and if you see she behaves like a conversation killer, do not waste your time. She is never going to listen or talk as expected from a couple in a long-term relationship.

Most of the time, you will notice that she is running away from discussion or she would like to make a final point.

6Abusive or Violent

My next best advice on choosing the right woman to marry revolves around her behavior. The cases of misusing legal benefits like women empowerment, are nothing new. I have seen several cases of women slapping, abusing and thrashing males in public and on top of this, they get awarded (wrongly) for this. Pathetic approach.

I must say, self-defense is good and a woman must do everything to protect her modesty. But, once you see a woman with impatience in these areas, never marry her. She can go to any extent to satisfy her ego.

7Not Okay With Changes

Be it a personal or professional relationship, compromises play an important role. I am not saying that you should make your life a compromise, but to an extent agreeing mutually on a few things is very important.

A woman, who is not ready to give up her stand on a few very basic things like not having contact with someone (from past) or getting home back at right time, there is no point of marrying her.

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There are a few more things such as her attitude at discussions (whether open or close), the habit of creating confusion, telling lies, giving excuses etc. even for the smallest things. However, the one I cited above are some of the basic and easy to find indications.

Do you have some more points to add? Feel free to update the list.