Begging Mafia You Are Promoting It, Unintentionally

Begging Mafia - You are promoting it, unintentionally
Begging Mafia - You are promoting it, unintentionally
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The moment you stop your car or two-wheeler at a traffic signal, you see these kids; torn clothes, bare feet sometimes, uncombed hair, countless marks of injuries, and eyes looking at you with a hope of few bucks.

Should we give money to child beggars; undoubtedly the most controversial questions that we always have debates on. If you are not helping them, people call you insensitive. But, do you know, in case you are doing, you are actually promoting the begging mafia. We all have different mindsets about these kids. Before stopping at a traffic light, we make sure that all window are locked and window glasses are closed. “These ugly looking poor kids are needy and we should help them. It is just a matter of few lose coins. Isn’t it?” Well, out of your kindness or by mistake, should you initiate an interaction with these poverty-stricken kids (beggars), they make sure that you are not leaving them without paying. But, have you ever wondered that this act of your kindness is actually promoting the mafias behind these beggars? And, unintentionally, you are a reason behind the kidnapping of someone’s kid.

As per the statistics revealed by Police Department, 44000 kids disappear every year; these are the only figures that are brought to the notice of police through police complaints. Indisputably, there might be many kidnapping and abduction cases about that remained unrecorded, and are never brought to any table of the local police station; roughly over a million kids are abducted every year. Out of those recorded cases, no wonder, many are recovered, but a larger proportion remains untraceable. Where are these kids? These abductions are longer a mystery, as we all know who are the people behind this crime; organized begging mafias. Be it any state of India, these termites are everywhere and are proving to be the biggest threats to our kids.

At the age of playing with paper windmills and balls, these mafias are stealing kids from everywhere and pushing them all towards this deep dark valley of anonymity. Instead, going to the schools to learn the basics, these ill-fated kids are directly enrolling in the colleges of crime and having their masters in stealing, begging, looting, robbing, snatching, and in many other criminal offenses. Admit it, we all see these sun-baked kids sifting through the mountains of garbage for food; a small indefinite quantity of food. Every day, these brutally mutilated kids are tortured on a daily basis.

They are kept under the bed without food so that they look starved and like beggars because this is how they are going to play without emotions later on. I have seen many of these physically challenged children with broken legs, broken arms, hands, damaged eyes, and even broken torsos. These kids are drugged with heavy permissible doses of illicit drugs. These drugs ensure that even if they manage to skip the gang, the addiction of drug will force them to run back into the same alleys; dark streets of crimes. And, if you think you are helping them when you donate them a few bucks, you are gravely mistaken. They are not begging for themselves, but for their gang leaders; behind their excruciating situation, the leaders are the main cause.

These begging kids are employees of an empire that make nearly ₹24 Crores in Mumbai and ₹46 Crores in Delhi.

In addition to begging, many of these abducted kids are also used as cheap labor in the industries and residential areas as home slaves and in many cases as sex slaves. This is a pretty big mafia, only concerned about his bank figures. We all share equal responsibility, be it you, me, politicians, police, and administrative bodies. We outcry slogans against ‘no-child-labor,’ but there is a good amount of child abuse cases registered against inhabitants of these well-to-do societies looking for cheap domestic help and doctors who help these gangs in amputating the limbs of healthy children.

On seeing a kid working with a tea-seller washing lipped cups, all we do is – click a photo and post it on social media with hashtags like the poor guy, deprived soul and so on. For us that poor is a guy is nothing, but a days’ topic for discussion.  And, all this because of our endless support and kindness. How do you think these gangs are not going to abduct kids?

Next time, when you are helping these kids beggars, keep in mind that you are indirectly encouraging the gangs and forcing them to abduct more kids. Am I saying that we should not help them? Not at all. But, there are ways to help than giving them money. Do you really need to help, you can contact orphanages, and NGOs helping these sorts of kids. Should you see a needy child, try to make him land in the safe hands.

Instead, giving money to individuals, donate money to the shelters for homeless. In case, you are doing well with your finances, you can always take responsibility for at least one poor kid’s life. Try to experience the smile that comes on a face after you help a needy with things other than money. Help a kid secretly and then see the smile. In addition, if tourists from other countries are having encounters with these kids, the only delivered that way is – Government is not doing a good job. In short, it is a collective responsibility and instead promoting, we must find out ways of stopping it.

Help others in a way that they no longer requires your help; make them self-dependent.