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Beauty Tips – How To Take Care of Your Hands in Winters

Beauty Tips - How To Take Care Of Your Hands In Winters
Beauty Tips - How To Take Care Of Your Hands In Winters
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  1. Winter can be rough on the skin.
  2. The winter dehydrates your hands
  3. Hands can become dry and chapped.

Hands speak more than you can imagine, thus, it’s good to groom your hands daily with a fat cream moisturizer.

Winters are here and challenges for skin are already at the doorstep. Because of the cold outside, (temperature fall) the skin is going to experience the dryness. Being poor in sebaceous glands and being constantly exposed to external factors, the skin of hands dehydrate quickly. Hands skin has about 5 times fewer sebaceous glands than the face. So, you should give him 5 times more attention and care with the best products. Here are a few beauty tips on how to take care of your hands in winters.

Golden Rule, is to put your rubber gloves when washing dishes or working with toxic substances to clean or paint thinners.

Do not wash your hands more often than needed. Hand washing is a good habit, but only if you do not overdo. If you are forced to do more often, at least then watch as your hands to apply a cream to help restore skin balance.

The choice of soap is very important. Choose one natural or at least one that does not contain the whole list of ingredients to avoid in cosmetics. It is better to use antibacterial soaps 1-2 times a day.

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Wash hands with warm water and not hot, especially if you live outside. Use cream that contains glycerin only when you are in the room.

Hands massage is very good and can be made with cream or dry skin, starting with your fingertips, massaging each finger separately and going by the wrist. Make a mixture of cucumber juice and coconut oil / olive oil in equal parts. Then, rub it on your hands several times a day. Only using cucumber juice is also not a bad option.

Experts say winter is the time when we need water the most. In winter because heat sources used for heating, the air is dry so we need to keep our body hydrated to offset the effect of dry indoor air.

It is advisable to have a humidifier for the cold. This will improve skin and reduce the risk of viruses. Eat products rich in Omega3 fatty acids. After a month’s consecutive use, you will notice significant changes in terms of skin, hair or nails.

If you have cracked or dry skin on your hands, no matter the cause, you can make a cure with fruit and vegetable juices (mixed with water).

The chapped and reddened hands are symptoms of lack of vitamins. A diet of fruit and vegetable juices, especially carrot, will help restore skin regardless of the cause.

Here is another home based remedy for awesome hand skin. 2 medium potatoes boiled in their skins then mashed and mixed with cream or olive oil / sunflower / avocado / almond or any other oil. Apply this paste on the skin when hot and hold hands for 15 minutes. Repeat this at least 3 times a week.

Another treatment, also one of my favorites – salt water. In one liter of warm water add 2 tablespoons of sea salt, mix and soak hands for 10 minutes, then apply a paste made of a mixture of 1 tablespoon oil, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of honey. Hold for 20 minutes and results are going to amaze you.

A good scrub for hands can be obtained by making a mixture. For the mix, use one teaspoon of sugar and a little olive oil. Hands massage for 1 minute, then rinse with the herbal infusion. Once done, apply a fat cream.

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Scrub sites of bran or masks with egg yolk mixed with different oils can be of great help when the regular application of creams prove to be of no help. In addition, you need to treat your elbow as well.

For rough elbows, a regular massage of glycerin every night is matchless and in case you have dry elbows or tightened skin, rubbing a lemon can be extremely helpful.