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Beauty Parlor Secrets – Ways To Make Your Nails Dry Faster
Beauty Parlor Secrets – Ways To Make Your Nails Dry Faster

Beauty Parlor Secrets – Ways To Make Your Nails Dry Faster



  1. No hot water shower/wash for 6 hours after applying nail-polish.
  2. Fixatives and spray are good, but do not make them a habit.

Have you ever slept after you hit the nail polish and you woke up the next morning with a work of art on nails that you did not expect? And you wondered how long it takes to dry nail polish in real?

Normally, nail paint gets dry in a few minutes, but most of the people don’t know that it can take up to 24 hours for proper stabilization. However, we don’t have that much time. Right? So, here are some ways to make your nails dry faster.

Thin Layers & Not Thick Layers

Instead of applying nail polish in thick layers, the secret is applying it in several thin layers. Between every successive application, you should wait for at least 2 minutes.

I agree that it is going to take a little longer this way, but you will be able to save the time you spend waiting for polish to dry.

Ice-Cold Water

Cold water is one of the fastest and easiest ways to dry your nails with nail polish. The secret is to fill a bowl with ice-cold water and leave your nails to dry for one minute.

After that, press your nails with your fingertips and again put them into the bowl of cold water for about 2 minutes.

Do keep in mind, you are not supposed to use hot water because that is bad. Also, do not have a hot water shower or bath for at least 6 hours after you have the nail-polish.

Cuticle Oil 

Cuticle oil is a product that feeds your nails, but can also be a reliable guardian of nails with nail polish. Cuticle Oil provides an additional layer of protection between the nail and the environment.

To have the best of this all you need to do is stretch a thin layer of cuticle oil to nails and left it to dry.

Fixative Spray

Unlike cuticle oil, other fast drying sprays are not very good for your nails. These products can dry your nails and make them feel strong. The recommendation is – not to make a routine of using those drying sprays.

However, when you are in a great hurry, using a fixative spray will not only make it dry sooner but will also give you an extra layer of protection.

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Hair Dryer

Another awesome tip to make your nails dry faster is using a hair dryer on the cool air setting.

You need to keep the dryer about 15 centimeters away from the nails and drying it for a minute or until the polish is dry.

Aren’t these awesome? Do tell me if you are already trying these. And, if you have any more tips, please share in the comment section below.